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Nowadays we visit restaurants, cafes and hotels in which the food is always prepared by professional chefs. The food served is obviously good, as they are prepared by professionals but it is highly doubtful that it will give the same feeling as that of a home cooked meal.

The difference is that the professional chefs do not prepare food with as much care as it is prepared at home. This is the reason why everyone loves the food prepared by their loved ones at home.

Quite recently we received an opportunity to try out the delicacies served by home chefs thanks to Hello Curry! 

It was quite a splendid experience thanks to the venue and of course Hello Curry for the wonderful tasting session. 

It was a Brew and Chew meet up and we all had a great time indeed!

Now coming down to the food:

It was quite unfortunate that the venue did not have a microwave, so a few items were cold and a bit soggy. In reality, the food is served piping hot to the customers super fast!

Firstly, we tasted the paneer bhurji paratha which was good in taste. It is served with pickle and curd. It would have been much better if it was not soggy and cold but taste wise it was good. One thing that could be improved is the amount of stuffing, as the paratha was very thin and the stuffing was missing from quite a distance from the corners. 

Next we tasted the creamy chicken with pineapple served with burnt garlic rice. This combo was very good. No complaints about this one! The chicken was well cooked and the gravy was creamy with a lingering sweetness. The added bonus was the small pieces of pineapple throughout. The rice was delicious as well. It was a bit salty, but the aroma of the burnt garlic with the rice blended perfectly and together these were a treat to have!

Next we were served Thai chicken curry served with the same burnt garlic rice. This combo was also pretty decent. This preparation was not spicy and had a good aroma mostly of coconut milk. The chicken was also well cooked and overall quite decent.

The fish curry was a big disappointment. The fish was not fresh and it smelt. The gravy had no taste and it was very watery. This preparation is served with normal boiled rice.

After this we were served the spicy west chicken served with saffron rice. This time as well both the preparations were rocking! The chicken was not spicy as per the naming convention but was tangy. The chicken tasted great and the rice too. The saffron rice was great to look at and even nice to have. It had specks of chilli flakes, little shreds of vegetables and a faint aroma of saffron.

The grilled chicken was something very different. It was served with boiled vegetables and the grilled piece of chicken was garnished with pepper and had a glaze to it. The different taste was probably due to the honey glaze which imparted a tinge of sweetness in every bite. Overall, a refreshing taste and it was quite commendable.

After this we tasted the alleppey prawn curry and the chicken biriyani. The prawn curry is served with normal boiled rice. The prawns were sweet and the curry was a bit sour, giving it a smooth balance. The taste was quite different and it went well with the boiled rice.

 The chicken biriyani was served with raita and salan. The biriyani was a mix of street biriyani and Hyderabad style biriyani. Nonetheless it tasted different than the normal biriyani we have. So, overall everything was definitely worth a shot except for the fish of course.
Lastly, the dessert was a bread jamun, which is gulab jamun made with bread. It was slightly tough to chew in comparison to other gulab jamun’s but when soaked in the accompanied syrup, it tasted nice and soft.

It was truly a memorable experience tasting the food prepared by normal people, with a twist of course. In some of the cases it really felt as if a professional chef prepared the food as it was that good.

So, overall it is definitely worth a shot and hope this will help out a fellow food lover!

Till next time—bon appétit!

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