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If you know about Kolkata’s Park Street then there is one place you would know about for sure, Flury’s .
A tea room that has been there since the time when Kolkata used to be the Capital of this country! It is a place which every Kolkata resident knows about and you’ve got to have some “Breakfast at Flury’s “ days. Oh no! , Not tiffany’s :P

So how could we miss out on that,after all we were in Kolkata after almost a whole year! We had a light breakfast there so I opted for a simple Cheese and Chicken Sandwich and Rudra went with an Omelette, A chicken and bacon cheese omelette with bread.

I also had a Blackcurrant infused tea there. Now let me tell you about our experience!
Rudra had ordered his favourite and I went with something I usually don’t have.

The cheese chicken sandwich was everything that I had expected! Creamy filling in the sandwich with loads of chicken shreds and the break was done perfectly, to my liking. I like lightly toasted breads, not too chewy – not to crunchy!

The omelette is something you should try because it is a perfect and filling breakfast to begin your day, if you are a non vegetarian. Loaded with the meat, the omelette was served with two bread slices.

The tea was honestly a disappointment because this was the first time I actually had tea there. I have started liking tea very recently and I never had tea there because I never had tea then.

I was sad to see that they serve teas that I can get from anywhere! The Blackcurrant infused tea was from Typhoo and I had expected that since it is a “Tea Room” They would have their select stuff! Not something that I can just buy from a supermarket!

All in all it was nice to have breakfast there, apart from my TEA situation!

If you are in Kolkata, You must visit Flury’s ! I can give you a lot of reasons but you’ll understand when you actually visit that place! I am not gonna give marks for this place :) 

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  1. Nicely written and love the photos. Must visit the next time I'm in Kolkatta.

    1. Thank you :) and yes you can visit the place because it is quite good.

  2. i heard about this place in film Parineeta, from then i want to visit this place whenever i visit Kolkata

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