Protect yourself from the Monsoons!


Hey Everyone!

My weekends are normally quite exciting and fun, but I felt like sitting this one out for a change. Time was flowing rather slowly when I came across an article about something which all of us know, but very few of us actually make it a habit to follow!

The article seemed favourable to the eye and I actually read it entirely because it was not only well written, but also the content was worth following! The article is about “5 Monsoon Accessories You Absolutely Cannot Do Without” under the section of Family Life. Sometime later I came across an opportunity on BlogAdda to write a blog post on the article which I had gone through a while back. So, I am participating in the ‘Ready For Rewards’ activity for Rewardme in association with BlogAdda.

The best thing about the mentioned article is that it sugar coats the necessary details, thereby implying that we should enjoy the monsoons, but we should do so responsibly! 
(I apologize for sounding like an alcohol brand promotion, I hope you get the idea :D). 

Nobody could ever classify me as a geek, but I had a liking and flair for biology particularly. In the article, I came across a term called “Leptospirosis”, which I had never come across till date. I searched about it and came to know that it is a disease prevalent in rats and dogs and is transmitted to humans mostly during monsoons, due to contact of sewage water with skin. 

I read many articles daily, but seldom do articles contain such technical and rare information. (To be honest I was very impressed with the content!). Furthermore, it tried to inculcate the habit of carrying hand sanitizers and keeping disinfectants at our disposal, especially during monsoons so that we keep ourselves safe from harmful disease causing bacteria & germs. 

Apart from the general information like keeping dried towels at hand, carrying umbrellas and raincoats, I found two other highlights I think is worth talking about. In our busy day to day life, we often forget about hair care and aesthetics. I found information about these two aspects encoded in the article. First, if we let our hair get wet during monsoons, it causes hair fall (Something which concerns most men and it definitely concerns me!) and secondly the use of door mats is stressed upon to prevent rainwater entry into our abodes and making sure we enter our houses leaving the mess of the streets behind!

I might have been boring with all the details, but after reading the article I had a feeling that Rewardme cares about their viewers! Rewardme not only provides great offers, but also is a true friend in these times, acting as a well wisher and a reminder.

Because, we all know about all the things we should do, but how many of us actually do them?

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