Fusion Food @ Stuffd | Indiranagar | Bangalore


Chicken Conpati @ Stuffd | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Chicken Conpati

Do you believe that simple things can be re-done differently & end up giving you a refreshing splash?

If you do, then you belong in our league!

If you’ve read through other posts in our blog, you’ll know that we talk about our responsibility of visiting new places to eat & this is one such instance.

Fusion food is generally something chefs experiment with during “food festivals” but rarely do you find eateries with the courage to focus solely on fusion food.

Unveiling the curtains now: We recently visited a café named Stuffd in Old Airport road, Indiranagar Bangalore which specializes in fusion food.

Stuffd serves a small variety of items at the moment as they’ve recently opened but they’re soon planning to expand their menu. These are the list of items you can gorge on if you visit them: Gol Gappas with fillings, variety of food bowls, Toastizzas & lastly our favorite, the Conpati or chapatti cones with fillings.

For drinks, they serve flavored Lassi & cold beverages ranging from cold coffees to floats.
We visited on a cloudy weekend evening & ended up having a great time! They only have outdoor seating so you can feel the wind in your hair.

So, here’s what we tried:

Alfredo Mac Gol gappas, Cold Coffee, Kiwi Float, Noodle Rasam Bowl, Arrabiata Mac Bowl, Mexican Corn Toastizza & lastly, the Chicken Chapati Cone.

First up, their gol gappas are refreshingly different. They serve the Alfredo Mac filling inside & topped off with a black olive. They serve the sauce separately in a shot glass. So, either you fill it up first or have it separately.

Kiwi float @ Stuffd | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Kiwi Float

Arrabiata Pasta @ Stuffd | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Arrabiata Pasta

The beverages were both very refreshing. The cold coffee especially was exactly the way it should be: dominant flavor of coffee, chilled & mildly sweet.

The noodle rasam bowl was one of a find. Well done noodles in a bowl of rasam & served with a masala papad. Hard to say, but we actually liked it!

The Arrabiata was lip smacking, but a little bit more tanginess from the tomatoes would’ve done wonders.

The Toastizza was perfect in terms of quantity & there’s not much you can go wrong with. The bread could’ve been crispier for a solid crunch. It had generous amounts of paprika, corn & cheese. All it needed was a bit more crunch & that’d be it!

Lastly, the chicken chapati cone was simply a meaty treat. It had loads of chicken & the balance between sauces & spices was perfect.

Noodle Rasam Bowl @ Stuffd | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Noodle Rasam Bowl

Mexican Corn Toastizzas @ Stuffd | Indiranagar | Bangalore
Mexican Corn Toastizzas

Overall, their items are very simple & that’s the trick. We often forget that the simple things can give us the most amount of joy & fool us at the same time.

Stuffd works on a customer centric model & they tweak their menu based on customer preference & feedback. They’re planning on opening other outlets across the city of Bangalore.

Their pricing is reasonable, pocket friendly & definitely VFM.

 We’ll be revisiting them soon & post about our experience to let you guys know about what’s new & happening.

Till then—always try experimenting a bit with your palette/food & bon apetit!

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  1. You've given a very apt description of the "simple things; that made a "palatable impact; on you!
    Need to get Stuffd!!

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  3. Looks like fab eats. I missed it; when visiting Bangalore a few years ago I did not see Stuffd but loved the food scene. We ate at a different spot nightly. One restaurant by a Nando's was really good. All things so tasty.

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