Hallo-Wine Festival at Phoenix Market City, Bangalore!


It has been quite some time since we wrote about an event on the blog! With Rudra Moving to Chennai, I will be writing most of the blog, about events, tastings in Bangalore. So, here goes the first event blog in a long while.
On a Breezy Saturday afternoon, I reached Phoenix Market City. Just a day prior to Halloween, and saw their courtyard dotted with various stalls! They had a Festival going on, a three day long festival, called Halo-wine. Though I love wine, I had decided not to drink during the day time, so I didn’t really indulge myself with copious amount of fabulous wines which were available. 

I did that with food, anyway! The event was organized by Phoenix Market city in association with the Karnataka Wine Board and a lot of Karnataka based wine brands participated in the event.
Some of my Favorite wine brands were present too. Like, Big Banyan and Sula. And, everyone had the opportunity to sample all the wines for just a nominal amount of money.
But, the food was wonderful! They had multiple food trucks and stalls from Bar Bar and Café Noir. I tried some delish food from Bar Bar and the food trucks. 

Mushroom satay

Paneer Roll

Chicken Shami kabab

I tried almost everything from Bar Bar and some things from the food trucks, while enjoying the live music! There was an option of grape stomping as well! I didn’t participate, but a lot of people did and it looked like fun! 

I hope I visit a lot of festivals such as this, because good food, good wine and lovely music makes anyone’s day brighter, and certainly mine too! 

Till next time,
Bon Appetite!

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