Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore


Grilled Chicken @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Grilled Chicken

From the last year, we saw a sudden rise in awareness regarding health & fitness food in Bangalore and the list of people who want to eat healthy is growing each day!

Although we’ve seen very few dine-in restaurants serving such healthy food, food start-ups on the other hand are focusing on this as this field is still unexplored.

Before we begin with the main content we want to focus on the difference between health & fitness food: Health food is something which is good for health (balanced diet, high fibre etc.) & well-being in general and fitness food is for those who are targeting something in particular, such as fat reduction/muscle gain/ stamina etc. Since our bodies run with what we eat, it is significant to understand what we stuff ourselves with. It is proven that 75% of the composition of the human body is based on what we eat & this 75 is the focus in this post.

Say hello to 75 in a Box, a food-tech start up focusing on premium fitness food and helping everyone achieve their fitness goals (if they have one!).

We have tried healthy food before and it was pretty much bland & tasteless and we lost faith in it. This time around, our faith has been restored. We had a LOT of food and even after that we didn’t feel heavy at all! We tried their “try out” menu, but they want more people to subscribe to their fitness plan as that is in line with their mission.

On 75 In a Box’s website, you can fill in the relevant details: whether you want to lose weight/fat, more endurance or gain muscle weight. Appropriately they’ll prompt for body weight, height, dietary preference, no. of meals/day etc. & finally give an estimate of the cost for one month. Now, this cost might seem a lot but just imagine: that is your fitness meal plan for 24 days in a month! The rest 6 you can consider as cheat days ;)!

They advise all their customers to stick to a disciplined regime as otherwise, things don’t work out as expected. The food they serve remains nutritionally intact up to 1 reheat in a microwave. Consequently, nutritional values do not remain the same.

Time for details of the food:

We tried 8 items from them and we are thoroughly impressed to say the least. The amount of quantity they give at the pricing is unreal and they also use a lot of micro greens to top off their food.

Egg bomb @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Egg Bomb

Couscous chicken salad @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Couscous Chicken Salad

We tried their Egg Bomb, Couscous Chicken Salad, Grilled Chicken, Paneer Ala gremolata, Thai Curry, Chicken in Oyster Sauce, Sweet n Sour Chicken & Chicken Do Pyaza.

First up, the egg bomb was fulfilling. The concept is a boiled egg cut in half embedded on a boat made of minced chicken & herbs. The seasoning enhanced the experience. Loads of chicken involved and the combination tastes great. This is guilt free indulgence!

One of the best salads we’ve had till date, was the couscous chicken salad. It had loads of chicken topped off with cheese, almonds, couscous, raisins & apple. It was mildly sweet but extraordinary in terms of taste & balance.

The grilled chicken was perfectly done and stuffed with a delicious cheese and spinach filling. These come under the mains so they are served with sautéed veggies. The meat was tender & very flavourful. It was served with tangy penne pasta & it was a complete meal. The amount of chicken they gave at the price is really impressive.

The paneer ala gremolata is a very interesting preparation. It had baked paneer with breadcrumbs on top of a layer of sweet potato. The combination was super! The creaminess of the sweet potato & the flavour of the paneer matched brilliantly. With or without the sauce, it tasted amazing.

Paneer alagremolata @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Paneer Alagremolata

Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Grilled Chicken (Top Shot)

The Thai curry had a lot of lemon grass in it. The aroma & taste were spot on! The quantity of chicken is very impressive. The curry comes separately & the rice comes in a bowl with veggies.

The same goes with the Oyster sauce preparation. The sauce was so delicious that one can actually have the whole thing with the sauce alone! We suggest add some mushrooms in it as it will further enhance the taste. Apart from that, this was our top pick. This & the next item is served with buckwheat noodles. The noodles are very light, have a different taste & we loved it!

The last 2 are meal bowls which are packed to preserve moisture content. The sweet n sour chicken stood up to its name. So, what do you think of a low calorie & healthy sweet n sour chicken? Whatever you think, this will definitely change your mind! Very high on taste & one bowl is sufficient for a good meal.

The Chicken do pyaza meal bowl is equally amazing. Non greasy Indian food is hard to believe but yes, this actually tasted pretty decent. This is served with jeera brown rice . If you consider healthy food, this is as tasty as it can get.

Sweet n sour chicken @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Sweet n Sour Chicken Meal Bowl

Chicken Do Pyaza @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Chicken Do Pyaza Meal Bowl

Thai curry @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Thai Curry accompaniments (curry with chicken served separately)

Chicken in oyster sauce @ Premium Fitness Food @ 75 in a Box | Bangalore
Chicken in Oyster Sauce accompaniments (chicken & sauce served separately)

Cooking without keeping health in mind is easy & turns out tasty with ease, but the opposite is very difficult. Kudos to the team for doing a splendid job.

For people with subscriptions, the services differ and they serve a variety of items (Salmon included). All their preparations are fresh and better consumed immediately.
Their packaging deserves special mention as they use imported sugarcane plastic for packaging which is 100% bio-degradable. So, they are doing their bit for the environment as well.

We loved their food & we will definitely try it again. We might even change our diet plan to fit them in, because they are so good!

We generally don’t say this, but we highly recommend their food, if you are a fitness enthusiast (or not). We are sure that you’ll love it! The best part is, let them focus on the nutrients & you can focus on your regime.

That’s all from our side!

We’ll be back again soon with more grub info.

Till then—stay tuned, exercise & bon apetit!

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