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Patron XO Cafe 

It has been quite a while that we went pub crawling!

A pub crawl if properly executed and managed is a lot of fun and the opposite is disastrous and frustrating. Bangalore has a lot of watering holes and Indiranagar, specifically is a region where pubs & bars are abundant.

So, this is all about our recent pub crawl encompassing 3 drinks & 1 detox drink to help get through the night.

This pub crawl was organized by FBAI and it was their maiden activity in Bangalore and what better way to kick start than a pub crawl.

The pub crawl was short & sweet and other than the focus on drinks, we had loads to eat too.

Veg Pizza

Chicken Skewers

First up, Glocal Junction & the Aperol Spritz. The drink was not too strong and served with sparkling wine, brought out its true colours. The citrusy and fruity notes made this drink very enjoyable. The Aperol Spritz is a sweet drink & even when consumed raw doesn’t do much.

Along with the drink, we were served appetizers: Dynamo Prawns, Chicken Sliders, Chicken Skewers, Veg Pizza, Tokri Chaat. The pizza was decent, but the first two were the favourites. The Prawns were crispy, sweet & went well with the drink. The sliders were bite sized and the chicken was really juicy.

Dynamo Prawns

Aperol Spritz

Chicken Sliders

Next up, Bootlegger & the cocktail using Stolichnaya Vodka. Now this drink was pretty strong. The balancing was great in some but not all. The cocktail probably had orange juice & honey and was mildly sweet. The vodka had a smooth after taste.

We tried 3 items at Bootlegger: An extremely hot & spicy chicken preparation, special gun-powder fries & cheese pops. The fries were delicious! The spice combo went well with the drink. The cheese pops were decent but the chicken was marvellous. It almost made us cry but who cares as long as mouth-watering and eye watering happen side by side.

The last destination was Sly Granny where we had nothing except for one of the best shots we’ve had till date: The Patron XO Café!

A perfect combination of Tequilla & Espresso. The drink was super smooth, mildly sweet and mind blowing. We are actually planning on buying this, so if you have any leads: Let us know!

Stoli Vodka

Chicken appetizer

Cheese Pops

Now, for the detox drink: Morning Fresh has come up with a special drink which prevents handovers if you ensure that that is the last drink of the night (water is not considered). This flushes out harmful toxins from the liver, so no hangovers, no headaches and a fresh morning for sure. These come in 3 flavours: Cola, Strawberry & Mint.

A fun pub crawl is something we always look forward to.

If you find the drinks & visuals interesting, you know where they are available!

We’ll swing by soon with more F&B info.

Till then—drink responsibly & bon apetit!

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