The Cheung Fun Festival @ Zen | The Leela Palace | Bangalore


Steam Angus with Spicy Hoisin Cheung Fun @ The Cheung Fun Festival @ Zen | The Leela Palace | Bangalore
Steam Angus with Spicy Hoisin Cheung Fun

Cheung Fun anyone?

Well it’s time for something new again and this time we bring to you a Cheung Fun festival. We have tried Cheung Fun before, but this is the first time we have been to a festival dedicated to them!

So, this time we were invited to Zen, The Leela Palace Bangalore for experiencing this festival. Even before we get to the food, the grandeur & simplicity of Zen is enough to transform any experience. Such an ambience always has an effect on dining because it is the entire package which matters.

Not only did we indulge in a luxurious dining experience, but also most of the items deserve praise.

Moving on to what we tried:

7 varieties of Cheung Fun were on the tasting menu out of which 4 were non-veg and 3 were veg.

In non-veg, there was Chicken, Prawn, Angus (Beef) & Pork whereas for veg: Asparagus, Crispy Vegetable & 3-way Mushroom.

So, we’ll take you through the highlights of this tasting menu.

The must tries from the non-veg Cheung Fun are:

The Steam Chicken & Black Pepper Cheung Fun & the Steam Angus with Spicy Hoisin Cheung Fun. In both the cases the meat was tender & retained all the flavors of the sauce. Black pepper is a magic ingredient and although it might sound surprising: The chicken was the best of the lot! The flavors & the taste complemented perfectly. The beef was cooked exceptionally well as it is rare that it melts in the mouth. The Hoisin sauce goes well with beef preparations & the sweet and sour taste worked wonders.

The Crispy Prawn Cheung Fun was presented well & tasted great. The flying fish eggs on top gave a burst of flavor. The sauce and the Cheung Fun did not quite blend well, we believe and did not quite cut it.

Chicken Cheung Fun @ The Cheung Fun Festival @ Zen | The Leela Palace | Bangalore
Chicken Cheung Fun

Prawn Cheung Fun

The BBQ pork Cheung Fun had the best sauce out of them all, but the meat did not quite retain the flavors as expected.

We tried only two of the veg: Mushroom & the Crispy Veg.

The latter had quite a variety of vegetables in the roll & everything was well balanced and slightly crunchy. The former was mind blowing! There were 3 varieties of mushrooms in the Cheung Fun and all of them could be identified distinctly. An amazing preparation! The sauce, the truffle essence & decent sized mushroom chunks were the secret to its success.

That’s all from the festival menu.

Pork Cheung Fun

Wasabi Cheesecake

The Cheung Fun Festival @ Zen | The Leela Palace | Bangalore
Litchi sorbet with green tea

A special mention to the litchi sorbet & the Wasabi cheesecake which were both outstanding! The sorbet was so good & fresh that it felt like we were having fresh litchis. The cheesecake was made with fresh ingredients and one can make that out with one bite. The layering & the sweetness was perfect.

Hope you had a great time reading, because we sure enjoyed eating ;)

This festival is on till the 15th so, quite some time left. If you have Cheung Fun/Chinese on your mind: say Thank you!

We’ll be back soon with something tasty soon.

Till then— chillax & bon apetit!

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