The Whitefield Arms Experience @ The VR Bengaluru


Chocolate Sin @ The Whitefield Arms Experience @ The VR Bengaluru
Chocolate Sin

Earlier we used to visit restaurants only in our vicinity for convenience, but now we have expanded our circle of concern & influence.

Because of that, we not only have larger exposure but have an array of unvisited restaurants!

This post is dedicated to one of our recent encounters with a beautiful outside & a funky inside: The Whitefield Arms.

The Whitefield Arms if a pub cum restaurant which will amaze you! From the outside, it has beautiful ambient light with flowers, wooden seating arrangements & speakers which look like stone. From the inside, it’s dim with decent music & comfortable seating arrangements. Their bar is huge by the way!

It is located in VR Bengaluru and has an entrance from the outside as well as from within.
We were invited for experiencing their offerings so here we go:

We met the Exec Chef as well as the Sous Chef & it was great interacting with them. Now with the food:

We tried their seafood chowder with garlic bread. Its consistency was comforting and it had generous amounts of seafood in it. It was an excellent appetizer.

Their salad on the other hand was not very well balanced in terms of acidity.

We were served two platters of veg & non veg starters. Almost all of them were delicious & lip smacking. Our favourites:

From veg: The Paneer, the Cheese Toast & the Sliders.

From non-veg: The Duck Tartlet, the Lamb Tikki, the Pork Belly & the Grilled Basa.

Veg starters platter @ The Whitefield Arms Experience @ The VR Bengaluru
Vegetarian Platter - Starters

Dal Makhani Fries

Non Veg starters platter @ The Whitefield Arms Experience @ The VR Bengaluru
Non-Vegetarian Platter - Starters


Seafood Chowder @ The Whitefield Arms Experience @ The VR Bengaluru
Seafood Chowder

For the main course we tried a Lamb shoulder preparation served with smoked aubergine & saffron rice and Saffron Grilled Prawns server with Couscous.

The former had tender chunks of lamb which gave a melt in the mouth feel. The sauce packed a lot of flavour & together with the rice it was a splendid.

The latter had generous amount of prawns. The saffron flavour was not quite potent but the couscous was good.

The desserts here are worth re-gorging into!

Lamb main course with smoked aubergine @ The Whitefield Arms Experience @ The VR Bengaluru
Lamb Main Course with smoked aubergine 

Saffron Grilled Prawns @The Whitefield Arms Experience @ The VR Bengaluru
Saffron Grilled Prawns

Sticky Toffee Pudding

Fully Edible Flower Pot

We tried the Sticky Toffee Pudding & the Chocolate Sin. The latter was an overload of chocolate: chocolate fudge cake with more chocolate & a very tempting chocolate glaze on it.

The Toffee Pudding was marvellous! The shape, the wobble & the presentation: very appealing. A spoonful of this along with some vanilla ice cream is enough to make anyone shut up for some time. The caramel flavour was equal throughout and Yes! It is good!
Now that’s a short & sweet version of our Whitefield Arms experience.

It is definitely worth a visit: because of the food, the ambience & for booze of course.
Do let us know about your experience if you visit.

We are feeling hungry so we’ll be back soon.

Till then—stay hydrated & bon apetit!

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