The Mexican Food Festival @ Barbeque Nation | Bangalore


Mango based mocktails @ The Mexican Food Festival @ Barbeque Nation | Bangalore
Aam Punch & Mango Delight

Well it’s time for another festival!

We (Indians) mention this restaurant whenever we are questioned about a buffet. Any guesses?

It’s none other than Barbeque Nation and this post is all about their new ongoing Mexican Food Festival. The natural expectation is that there is a lot of spiciness involved especially on the grill.

Without further ado, let’s walk you through what this festival has to offer. This is Barbeque Nation we are talking about so quality and quantity both remain un-compromised.

Their setup is classic and everyone around will be in Mexican attire to give you that authentic feel. About the food, initially they give less spicy kebabs on the grill as they don’t want to kill you but the real deal starts when you request for spicy stuff.

The must try kebabs for non-veg are: The Habanero Fish, El Pollo Mexicana (BBQ Chicken) & the Chipotle Prawns. For Veg: Mexican Herbs Grilled Cottage Cheese & the Montessori Cheese & Jalapeno Mushrooms were amazing.

The chicken kebab was done exceptionally well but was not so spicy. The prawns & fish were too hot to handle but delicious.

Both the vegetarian kebabs mentioned deserve praise.

Before we forget, they also have 5 special Mango Mocktails along with this festival emphasizing on the king of fruits. If you like drinks with a thicker consistency, do try the Aam Punch.

On the grill kebabs @ The Mexican Food Festival @ Barbeque Nation | Bangalore
On the grill kebabs

Nachos (Festival Special)

The Mango Delight & the Coco Jagger drinks were exceptional too. The former had oranges and the latter had Pineapple along with mango of course. All the three mentioned drinks were spectacular to say the least and very refreshing. The Aam Punch is a bit heavy as it has vanilla ice cream.

We are sticking to the special items only for the festival so on the buffet:

Must tries non veg are: Lamb Hot Pot & the Rosemary Roasted Chicken.

For Veg: Spicy Mexican Rice & the Mexican tomato bean & Hakka Noodles.

The chicken was absolutely impeccable. It had a lot of natural flavour and the consistency & taste of the gravy was unmatched. The lamb was spicy and it had an Indian touch to it.
Both the vegetarian accompaniments were perfect. The noodles matched with the lamb and the rice with the chicken. A perfectly balanced meal is what we call it.

Live Counter

Non-Veg Burrito 

Potato with skin preparation (Live counter)

Mexican rice, noodles, lamb, chicken, corn salad & baby corn palak

Chicken Biryani, Paneer Makhani, Chicken & Mutton preparation

They also have a live counter which served Quesadillas & Burritos which you can customize.

From the desserts: The must tries are the Choco Fudge Brownie & the Lemon & Basil Cheese Cake.

The desserts were decent but the best dessert was their Avocado Kulfi variety which was perfect in every way. It was buttery and had all the flavours one can expect from an avocado.

Avocado Kulfi @ The Mexican Food Festival @ Barbeque Nation | Bangalore
Avocado Kulfi

Dessert Section

The other Kulfi’s were delightful as well: mainly Kesar Pista & Malai.

Lastly, they also serve Nachos with dips on the table as a part of the festival.

That’s all from our side folks.

The festival runs till the 30th of this month at the usual pricing. (Bangalore)

Do let us know about your experience if you try!

We’ll be back soon.

Till then—Keep Calm & Bon Apetit!

*We visited the e-city outlet, Bangalore on invitation*

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