The Gourmet Safari @ The VR Bengaluru


The Gourmet Safari @ The VR Bengaluru
Non-Veg Main course served at Toscano

All of us might have heard of the term “pub crawl” but have you guys ever thought of something like a “restaurant crawl”?

Well YES, as bizarre as it sounds we were recently a part of something similar and it sure was fun!

The VR Bengaluru is currently organising the VR Foodies Fest which includes a whole lot of exciting stuff like master classes, cook-offs, pub crawls etc. but we were a part of something called the Gourmet Safari which involves restaurant hopping for each individual course.

This entire extravaganza is running from the 6th till the 16th of April & the Gourmet Safari is on for the dates: 5, 6, 15, and 16.

The entire fest is curated by Karen Anand & we had the pleasure of meeting & interacting with her.
Now for the Gourmet Safari in detail:

5 courses in 5 different places @ the VR Bengaluru. Be advised: The VR Bengaluru is not a mall, but it is a complete lifestyle destination.

Cocktails & Amuse-Bouche @ ALT:

Our Gourmet Safari started at ALT, at the sky deck of VR. The view is amazing & all you need is a cool breeze to get you started. Definitely a great place to hang out! We tried a potent Mojito along with a chilli & garlic flavoured chicken preparation served in a papad basket. There were also fried prawns with wasabi mayo which added to the delight. The prawns were fresh & sweet and the chicken was soft & lip smacking.

The view from ALT

Non-Veg Amuse Bouche served at ALT

The Gourmet Safari @ The VR Bengaluru
Non-Veg Starters served at SALT

Refreshing mocktail served at SALT

Starters @ SALT:

SALT is one of our favourite destinations for Indian food. We had the sample non veg and veg platters. Their Saffron Chicken Tikka always hits the spot. The Galouti Kebab was bite sized but remarkable & had no trace of oil. The Lasooni Prawns tasted decent & had the characteristic flavours. From the veg side: The Tandoori Malai Broccoli needed more Malai. The Bharwan Mushrooms were spicy, smoked & delightful.

Main Course @ Toscano:

We tried both the non-veg & veg courses here. The non-veg course had grilled tenderloin with portabella mushrooms & saffron flavoured asparagus risotto. If you try it, have the medium rare tenderloin: It was fluffy, chewy & juicy. The mushrooms were magnificent. This course is served with red/white wine. The veg course consists of fresh made fettuccine in mushroom sauce & truffle oil. A very simple dish but deeply satisfying!

Dessert @ the Whitefield Arms:

We have two variants of dessert: the chocolate sin & the carrot cake. The former is a chocolate overload. It has the good old legendary taste which has very little room for error. The carrot cake had traces of walnut & tasted good. We felt the cream cheese tampered with it.

The Gourmet Safari @ The VR Bengaluru
Breads served at Toscano

The Vegetarian main course

The Gourmet Safari @ The VR Bengaluru
Chocolate Sin & Carrot cake at Whitefield Arms

The original plan had a last course of Coffee @ Kalmane Koffees but we sort of skipped that this time.

What we believe: It is an excellent concept with proper quantities of food served at good restaurants. Plus you get to dine in all of them all at once!

The price factor is also very convenient. Priced at 1650 & 1800 AI (V/NV) this is something anyone can try. We recommend this not only because this is fancy but also because it provides value for money.

We really had a great time meeting new people & talking about a variety of things. Do go ahead & live the extraordinary.

Do let us know your thoughts on the same!

We’ll be back soon with something tasty soon ;)

Till then—Party on & bon apetit!

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