Exclusive Food Tasting by TTK Prestige & Chef Shazia Khan


Figs with Crumble @ Exclusive Food Tasting by TTK Prestige & Chef Shazia Khan
Figs with Crumble preparation

We have been super engaged in events for the past one week now and this post has a special significance for everyone who gives priority to food at home.

A certain Indian cookware company has come up with some groovy inventions which are sure to revolutionize the home kitchen environment.

So, we were recently a part of an Exclusive Food Tasting session conducted by TTK Prestige & Celebrity Chef Shazia Khan. Shazia demonstrated her cooking prowess through an interactive cooking session & the preparations were impressive to say the least.

There were 5 preparations: two non-veg, two veg & a dessert.

The highlight here is on the cookware used:

A special super non-stick pan which has a great balance between release & durability, a special range of pressure cookers which does not build pressure if not fitted properly & also an induction which is calibrated to turn off after a certain number of whistles.

Plus, Shazia also used a special grinder which is totally manual & portable without risk. There were also other appliances like their air fryer which are now quite common everywhere.

Overall, from what it seemed: these appliances are crafted to perfection and very convenient to have in the kitchen. (We would love some in our kitchen too ;))

About Shazia’s preparations: restaurant type quality but home-made! For us, since we are accustomed to super rich food they did not feel very appealing but considering all the odds, these dishes were pretty amazing.

Exclusive Food Tasting by TTK Prestige & Chef Shazia Khan
An Aubergine preparation

Chicken skewers

Chilli Mutton on buttered Pav @ Exclusive Food Tasting by TTK Prestige & Chef Shazia Khan
Chilli Mutton on buttered Pav

She prepared a Middle Eastern style paneer in which the paneer was melt in the mouth soft but crunchy on the outside. Secondly, she made a Fig preparation with crumble which was spectacular. The Figs were done brilliantly: soft, juicy & full of flavours.

We did not get to taste all of them, but the chilli mutton preparation served on the pav was a hit! Excellent for snacking and the mutton was tender & succulent.

The best part is that all these can be created at home & even better: Shazia was kind enough to share these recipes with everyone!

That’s all from our side.

The event was held in The Oberoi, Bangalore & it was time well spent!

We had a great time interacting with Shazia & fellow bloggers.

We’ll be back soon with more grub gossip.

Till then—drink, be merry & bon apetit!

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