Cracker Thin Pizzas @ Pizza Hut | Bangalore


Cracker Thin Pizzas @ Pizza Hut | Bangalore
Non Veg Pizza with chicken sausages & chicken pepperoni

Although we were never too glad to be around pizzas initially, gradually we let down our walls and accepted it!

After all, they are cheesy by nature (haha?)

From Italian speciality restaurants to Pizzerias & large pizza chains we have tried a variety of pizzas but this time, there was something new on the cards.

Pizza Hut launched a new kind of Pizza called the “Cracker Thin” Pizza across all their branches in Bangalore & Jaipur and it is an absolute treat! Priced very reasonably, it has a very thin crust and contrary to our belief it is actually very soft.

Veggie Supreme @ Cracker Thin Pizzas @ Pizza Hut | Bangalore
Veggie Supreme

Non-Veg Supreme @ Cracker Thin Pizzas @ Pizza Hut | Bangalore
Non-Veg Supreme

They have 10 vegetarian & 10 non vegetarian variants & almost all of them are as good as the other. We tried 3 pizzas: The Veggie Supreme, The Non-veg Supreme & another non veg pizza with loads of chicken sausages & chicken pepperoni.

The Non-veg Supreme Cracker Thin Pizza is a level above normal pizzas: we were finding it hard to let go!

For drinks we tried a Masala Lemonade which is very refreshing & perfect for the hot summers. For dessert, we tried a Choco-chip cookie sundae which is baked in house & is fresh, chocolaty & sinful.

The Veg pizzas are priced at about 450-460 INR AI, and the non-veg about 520 AI which is pretty reasonable considering the usage of Mozzarella & a very generous amount of toppings.

Choco chip cookie sundae @ Cracker Thin Pizzas @ Pizza Hut | Bangalore
Choco-Chip Cookie Sundae

Another good point about the pizzas: unlike other thin crusts, it does not get crunchy but stays soft. The cheese used in the pizzas are proper Mozzarella so enjoy the pull!

That’s all from our side.

If you love pizzas, this is your cue! We really enjoyed these pizzas mainly because they are light on the stomach.

Do let us know about your experience if you try.

We’ll be back with more food info soon.

Till then—eat guilt free & bon apetit!

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