The Lunch Experience @ Edo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore


Seafood Sushi@ The Lunch Experience @ Edo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore

As we have mentioned before, our love for food has no bounds. From A to Z we are always willing to try everything but there are certain cuisines which are not easily available and are extremely difficult to pull off.

One of these cuisines is Japanese and our recent experience at Edo, the in house award winning Japanese Resto-Bar in ITC Gardenia, Bangalore was nothing short of brilliant. One of the finest places for food & luxury, ITC Gardenia does not need an introduction.

So, normally these luxury dining restaurants are open only for dinner but now Edo is open for luncheons as well. We tried out their authentic Japanese Obento concept.

This format is perfect for business gatherings as the entire meal comes in one go, so no waiting for each item to come. The dessert is served separately though.

We tried the Non veg Obento at Edo and it is undoubtedly the best Japanese food experience we have had till date!

There were specially handcrafted menus for everyone and they contained all the information about the items present in the Obento.

All the preparations were fresh and crafted to perfection. The colour, the presentation, the taste and the ambience is guaranteed to elevate you to a different level!

Now for the food: The Sushi & Sashimi were very fresh. The salmon was specially imported for us and not even refrigerated once and we could feel the freshness in each bite. The Sushi was moist with generous portions of seafood and with a small portion of wasabi: ah!

The Sashimi was about sliced yellowtail and salmon. Both the varieties of fish were fresh and a dip in soya was all it took.

The Tempura platter was the usual but the coating was consistent and almost zero oil!
The Robatayaki or the grills were exquisite. The chicken was so succulent and the sea bass was unbelievably juicy.

Sake Bomb

Veg Obento @ The Lunch Experience @ Edo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore
Veg Obento

The Chawanmushi, the one which looks like a custard might not be appealing to everyone as the entire thing was made of steamed eggs and many might not like the odour. (But we liked it!) This was topped off with salmon eggs and micro greens.

The Miso soup was very refreshing and appetizing. The Udon noodles were a part of the main course and it was equally good.

Lastly, there was a crab meat preparation which simply blew our mind! It was mildly sweet and tasted amazing. If not for the entire Obento, we will definitely revisit for this alone!

Non Veg Obento @ The Lunch Experience @ Edo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore
Non Veg Obento

Crab Meat Salad @ The Lunch Experience @ Edo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore
The Crab meat preparation

For dessert we had Matcha Ice Cream: Matcha being a variety of green tea. The colour, the creaminess and the sesame wafer surrounding it were perfect. Crunchy, creamy and delightful! For people who are particular: It did not have strong flavours of Matcha.
Now that’s all from our side!

We highly recommend visiting as you will definitely experience something unforgettable. The food is very light on the stomach and perfect for people on the move.

Matcha Ice Cream @ The Lunch Experience @ Edo | ITC Gardenia | Bangalore
Matcha Ice Cream

Chef Joshi pouring Miso soup

Special thanks to Chef Kamlesh Joshi for curating this beautiful Obento.

The Obento’s are reasonably priced at 2000++ and 2250++ for veg and non-veg.

Do let us know about your experience if you visit!

We’ll be back with more news on such awesome places to eat.

Till then—Sayonara & Bon apetit!

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