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Legacy Tandoori Champ @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Legacy Tandoori Champ

Nowadays, restaurant and café growth is so rapid that if you go to a place after about 3 months you are bound to see a new restaurant/café there!

Most of us like North Indian Cuisine, especially because of the richness and spicy preparations. On the same line, there are a few speciality restaurants focusing on individual territories as “North India” has many places!

We were recently invited to try out the offerings of one of the recent giants in Bangalore: Made in Punjab. So, as the name suggests these guys focus on Punjabi Cuisine and the way they name their dishes are impressive (their taste is even more!)
 We really love it when we do not have to order stuff and instead all the speciality dishes are automatically served. That is what happened in this case so do enjoy the video we made and of course the visuals that follow. Do like, share and comment (Please! ;))

Drinks first: The Jatt Risky After Whiskey is one of their signature cocktails which has whiskey and beaten eggs as the main ingredient. This drink had a good kick and it was deliberately not balanced. It had a good aroma of cinnamon and its citrusy taste imparted freshness. The other drink which deserves mention is their Nashili Chai which is their own unique tea concoction with an alcoholic touch. It is served with a slice of orange for that perfect citrusy finish.

We tried a couple of their Chaats first: Tokri Chaat and the Popeye Paaji ki Chaat and both were superb!

The latter’s main ingredient was sweet potato and the final outcome was lip smacking! We were also impressed by their presentation. The Tokri chaat looked great, tasted the way it should and was well balanced. It also had a good crunch to it.

Minty Apple @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Minty Apple

Tokri Chaat @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Tokri Chaat

For starters, we tried a combination of veg and non-veg items:

The Jau Mushroom Chakli was probably the only dish which we felt needs tinkering. It was a fried preparation with a beautiful golden colour. It was stuffed with cheese, Sabudana and minced mushrooms. Although the combination tasted great, the quantity of mushrooms were lesser than expected and that of Sabudana was more.

The Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka was absolutely mouth-watering. The paneer chunks were huge and had a crunchy coating. It was served with burning butter beneath and the smoky touch did wonders.

The Legacy Tandoori Champs were mutton chops which were spicy, meaty and juicy. Need more?

The Gabbar Prawns preparation was also very impressive. The presentation as mentioned was beautiful, the prawns were well done and delicious. It tasted great with the drizzled sauce on top.

Jau Mushroom Chakli & Kalmi Kebab @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Jau Mushroom Chakli & Kalmi Kebab

Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka@ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Karara Bhatti Paneer Tikka

Gabbar Prawns @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Gabbar Prawns

Lastly, the Kalmi Kebab was the heaviest of them all. It consisted of large chicken thigh pieces perfectly cooked with loads of malai. The chicken was soft, juicy and that taste of malai was unparalleled. Some herbs were sprinkled on top which added to the experience.

From the mains:

The Nalli HardKaur was at par with any Nalli Gosht preparation: spicy and well cooked meat.

The luxury butter chicken was very rich with loads of dry fruits and edible silver foil covering. It looked great and tasted even better with the Kulcha and Butter Naans served as accompaniments.

These were the highlights and apart from this we tried Maa Ke Daal and a Biriyani which was decent.

Luxury Butter Chicken @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Luxury Butter Chicken

Nalli HardKaur @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Nalli HardKaur

Mutton Biriyani @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Mutton Biriyani

Finally, from the desserts side we tried the Nukkad Jalebi and the Goushalla Di Kulfi. We are not a big fan of Jalebi after dinner and hence, did not like it much but the rabri or malai served along with the jalebi was perfect. For us, the Kulfi was amazing and a must try. It was creamy and had the right amount of sweetness.

Nukkad Jalebi @ Made In Punjab | UB City | Bangalore
Nukkad Jalebi

That’s all folks!

We really enjoyed our Made in Punjab experience thanks to the warm hospitality of Mrs. Rekha Ghosh and the lip smacking food they served!

Comparing the quality and the quantity, their prices are very reasonable and they even host a buffet!

We have high hopes for this establishment because they are targeting their customer’s hearts, not their wallets.

Do give these guys a shot and let us know about your experience!

We’ll be back soon with something delicious.

Till then—stay tuned and bon apetit!

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