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Pure Vegetarian Sattvik Thali at Masala Klub, Taj West End Bangalore
Being Non Vegetarians we hardly have food that has no meat in one meal, let alone a pure vegetarian meal. So, when we were invited to taste the food at the Sattvik food festival going on at Masala Klub located in Taj West End, we were happy to give it a shot. Sattvik Food is often called as the cuisine of Gods. Originated from the Holy Land of Varanasi, this cuisine is made with great care for the Kashi Naresh till date. The Royal chefs have to perform a series of rituals even before beginning with the preparation for the food. 

Sattvik Bhojan is not only pure vegetarian food, but is also calming for your body. So, let us take you through what the menu at Masala Klub has to offer from this cuisine. 

They start with serving Dhuan Chaas and Ramnagar Ki Lassi. The Dhuan Chaas was a normal chaas which had a lovely smoky flavour topped with coriander and the Lassi was delicious , had the perfect consistency and the almonds added a nice crunch. 

Ramnagar ki Lassi , Dhuan Chanss

The Appetizer was Chatpati Samosa Chaat and Chatpati Adrak Matar ki tikki. The samosa chaat was delicious and the adrak matar ki tikki was done exceptionally well. The portion is perfect as an appetizer, but these are so delicious that you would crave for more and more of this!

The main course is served in a thali format which has a number of vegetable dishes, a few curries and a dal accompanied by rice and breads.

The Puri and phulkas were done well and the rice was cooked to perfection. The addition of the ghee gives it that banarasi touch and makes it so delicious! These are perfect accompaniments for the curries. The Aloo Chokha is something any Bengali can relate to, mashed with a generous dose of mustard oil and flavourful herbs. Baingan Kalounji was the only dish we believe could have been better as the brinjal was lacking flavours. Bhindi Bhujia was a nice and mild preparation. 

Banarasi Kadhi Pakodi was abundantly flavoured and we relished it with the Ghee rice. Now, the best dishes that stood out were Makai palak, Nimona and Hing Jeerey ki Tadkey wali dal. Makai palak had soft corn kernels in delicious spinach gravy, it was exceptional and we couldn’t have enough of it. Nimona, a unique dish made with winter peas paste and generous amount of asafoetida , was a delight to the taste buds.

Lastly the best of all was the Hing Jeerey ki Dal, anyone who is a pure vegetarian in India would know that asafoetida is a key ingredient in pure vegetarian food preparations and this dal was proof that pure vegetarian food can be delicious with just a pinch of this. I(Priyanjana) could just have that dal with rice and would be content with it! 

Kesari Rasmalai

Paan aur Gulkand ki kheer

We ended the meal with two desserts, Rasmalai and Paan aur Gulkand ki kheer. The Paan aur Gulkand ki kheer was something we had for the first time, Paan being a very strong flavour has to be used in moderate quantities or it can break a dish. Thankfully this kheer had the perfect amount of the Paan flavour and we really liked it. The rasmalai was perfect and we were happy that it wasn’t overly sweet like we usually find it to be.

The menu is alternating and would have different set of dishes alternatively. The Festival is on till 12th of this month so, we would request you to hurry up and visit them!

We would also request you to come with us for a video tour as we take you through the menu in the video below! This is a new initiative by us! Please do subscribe to our YouTube channel for more. 

Till then, 
Bon apetit 
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