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Raindrop cake

We have tried a variety of cuisines in the past and we get excited whenever we get the opportunity to try out something different. Our country is home to diverse cultures and in turn there are loads of different kinds of food to try out, which is a challenge by itself. Now, just imagine the variation of food across the entire globe! It is practically impossible to give your taste buds a taste of all that!

We have recently been to The Fatty Bao, Bangalore for their 2nd year anniversary celebration (called Fatty's Travel Tales) and we were overwhelmed with love as Fatty loves us to the moon and back! ;) They are an Asian Gastro Bar very well known for their unique preparations and colorful presentation! Headed by their Executive Chef Prashanth they have been in the spotlight for quite some time at least in Bangalore and especially for youngsters.

As a part of their celebration, they have a special menu containing delicacies from the kitchens of East and South East Asia. We were privileged to be a part of the exclusive lunch preview of this limited edition menu. Also, they have tied up with Tiger Air to host a small contest during this special occasion. Every customer gets to fill up a boarding pass which contains a few basic questions about Tiger Air and lucky winners win a return trip to Singapore courtesy: Tiger Air (Who else! :P).

Most of the preparations were very different from what we normally eat and the taste and presentation of the items were exceptional. The Fatty Bao, Bangalore is located in 12th main road, Indiranagar. Their decor, seating arrangements, crockery etc are all very colourful. They have spacious seating, giving their customers privacy and room to breathe and spread their arms and legs.

Now, coming down to the food and drinks:

There were many items on the menu and we did try most of them. A few of them were absolutely brilliant, a few remarkable and the rest could have been better/did not suit our palate.

A must try would be the Tiger Sushi rolls which was presented well and had a sharp and refreshing taste. The bright orange colour was very attractive. The salmon was well done and the sushi rolls were quite spicy. The rolls also had a crunch to them due to the cucumber.

The kimchi fries were pretty decent. Since we are not so fond of fries in general we would not comment much. Presentation was spot on! It had a lot of grated cheese which tasted great with the fries.

The Lo Bak Go was pretty average. It consisted of radish cakes with mushrooms. There was not even a trace of oil on the cakes, but it would have been better if the cakes had more mushrooms in them. The problem is, radish by itself does not have much flavour. Again, the presentation was remarkable especially the spiral vegetables.

The Roujiamo or the Chinese hamburgers were delish! It had bao buns, with lettuce and juicy pork. The pork was tender and smoky and the buns were soft like marshmallows! The entire thing was grilled and every bite was delightful.

The Har Cheong Gai was one of the best items on the menu. The chicken was perfectly done and the best part was that the batter coating was also tasty. The usage of shrimp paste gave it a unique taste which was absolutely mouth watering!

The carbon prawn tempura preparation was simple with a twist. It had a jet black colour and the presentation was brilliant. The colour did not affect the taste in any way. The prawns were juicy and tasted great with the mayonnaise served. This dish also comes with prawn crackers.

Kimchi fries

Carbon tempura prawns

Tiger sushi rolls

Chilli eggplant and tofu

Radish cakes with mushrooms (Lo Bak Go)

Cheung Fung

Chinese Hamburger (Roujiamo)

Time for a drinks break: All the drinks on the special menu are alcoholic. The marina bay and the master po were the highlights. The master po drink has a lapsang souchong infused vodka which gave the drink a smoky touch which was mind blowing! Apart from that it had a lot of vodka.

The marina bay was simple and a balanced cocktail with the flavours of lime. It has lime infused vodka and also fresh lime. This drink was more refreshing than the “making you drunk” types. Now back to the food.

Master Po

Marina Bay

The Murtabak was one of the best preparations. The preparation consisted on pan cakes filled with spicy minced lamb. The pan cakes were thin and had loads of lamb. The stuffing was generous and the mixture was insanely tasty! The dish was simple but as mentioned: insanely tasty! If you are a lamb lover, you are definitely going to reorder this one.

The Bicol Express preparation consists of a pork stew served with garlic fried rice. The pork stew was again mouth watering with fatty pieces of pork. It was very flavourful and light. The fried rice tasted so good that one can have it without a side preparation.

The Saigon Bun Rieu was probably the best preparation. The crab broth tasted supreme and this is the first time we came across vermicelli noodles! There were also small crab meat dumplings distributed in the broth and they were super tasty. The broth was very well balanced and this dish alone compensates for all the others.

Singapore Fried Chicken(Har Cheong Gai)


Bicol Express

Saigon Bun Rieu

Now that’s all from the main course side. The desserts were worth taking home and keeping as a show piece. They were so well presented and looked beautiful!

The raindrop cake had an amazing presentation. The water cakes encompassed some micro greens and kiwi fruit slices. There was a small portion of ice cream with crumble and take a bite of everything together and it will taste pretty good. One needs to understand that water cakes are made up of water and water has no taste, just special effects!

The sakura winter tasted good. The flavours of yoghurt and vanilla were dominating. It has a shell which needs to be broken with the back of a spoon and then: enjoy!

So, that’s all from our side regarding their anniversary special menu. This celebration started a couple of days ago from 11th Aug and will run till the 28th.

Sakura winter

As mentioned, we are always excited to try out new and different types of food and after this experience: we are somewhat satiated!

We definitely recommend trying out this special menu till it lasts.

Overall, this menu is quite balanced for both vegetarians and non vegetarians with a lot of meaty delights.

If you guys do visit, do let us know about your experience. (And don't forget to enter the contest because who knows, if you end up being lucky!)

We will keep you guys posted about our future foodventures! 

Till then—bon appétit!

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  1. Everything looks so good :) love Fatty Bao, esp drooling at the desserts!

  2. OMG! I need to visit this place now :0 That wonderful plating man! ♥

    1. True! Their plating is really good (and colorful :P). The food is also delicious! This festival is on for quite some time so if you want to visit, you still have a lot of time :D

  3. Omg!! All this food is just perfect ❤️

  4. Will surely visit the place specially for the desserts ;-)


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