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We, The Foodie Land blog have come a long way in our food journey thanks to you guys! This journey is never ending as there is no end to our love for food and we expect the same kind of support you guys have always given!

Since change is refreshing, we will mix things up a bit with travel posts, lifestyle posts etc. In the same line, we very recently visited an approximately 126 acre city inside of Bangalore city. Bhartiya city has joined hands with The Leela Hotel to create this self sufficient, connected, modern and luxurious city which has everything almost everyone needs!

We were amazed to know the amount of planning it took for building this city. The city encompasses a hospital, a school, business parks, residential towers, luxury apartments, a central park, a multiplex and much more! They also have an open air theatre concept which has a metallic, butterfly shaped covering which can illuminate the entire city in the presence of moonlight. This will definitely be something to experience!

We checked out a few of the flats of Leela residencies and Nikoo and their offerings at the price they have quoted is quite a reasonable deal. All the kitchens come with state of the art fittings. The furniture in the model rooms were modern, well designed and transformed the appearance of the entire apartment.

The Nikoo apartments are mid ranged and semi luxurious. The Leela residency apartments were luxurious with Juliet balconies, central air conditioning, posh drawing and dining spaces, amazing and comfy bedrooms and a master bathroom with steam and sauna! These of course come at a price! But for those who want to live life king sized and are willing to spend for it: This is it!

We also experienced a short foot reflexology session which was very relaxing and took almost all the stress out before lunch time.

A few other important points about this property are the vertical gardens, green coverage and lastly and most important: all the services, facilities and amenities can be ordered, requested for using a centralized app prepared by these guys. So, these guys give the “world on your fingertips” experience a whole different meaning.

So, all in all this is affordable luxury and for the people who are interested in good real estate with security, comfort and of course luxury: you know where you can try now!

We’ll be back soon with more and renewed focus on food as always ;)

Hope this post helps!

Till next time—bon appétit!

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