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Hoegaarden with Chicken Poutine

A nice and warm setting along with a selection of specialty brews and draught beers is what a beer lover’s choice would be to have a good time with friends. The Beer café launched its third outlet in Bangalore at VR Bengaluru and it would cater to everyone who loves beer!

The setting is perfect and if you think that beer café is only serving beers then think again. Because they have quite a lot of delectable food items on the menu such as their classics and the newly introduced dishes like Flaky chicken strips, chicken poutine, etc. And not just that! The new menu would also suggest which beer would be the best to accompany your food!

We were recently there for the launch of their Beerosphere products and we tried out a few of the dishes they serve.

There was a special set menu which consisted of a few delightful non veg and veg preparations and obviously beer! 

There were starters, mains, a dessert and of course loads of beer. We had only one veg starter: the mac and cheese fingers and they were delightful as always. This item comes under the classic domain as this combination is nothing special but remains close to our hearts.

From the non veg side, the chicken poutine was something quite different and paired excellently with the Hoegaarden beer. The preparation consisted of french fries, with rajma (kidney beans), minced chicken and topped off with cream. Although the combination did not seem as good as it looked: it did taste decent. 

The Queso Bacon Dip had normal nachos with a creamy dip with fragments of bacon. The dip was amazing! 

The best starter was undoubtedly the Kohliwada Fried Chicken. The outer covering of the chicken was slightly crispy and the batter actually tasted good! The taste of the batter went through to the chicken and this combination rocked. 

Mac n Cheese Fingers

Queso Bacon Dip

In the mains we had the Grilled Chicken Steak, Grilled Salmon, Burgers and Hotdogs. The Hotdog tasted great but it is quite a simple preparation. A frankfurter sandwiched between two cylindrical buns and loaded with sauces and that's all to it. We tried the beef burger and it was delicious! The minced beef patty was well done. The sad part was that the burger buns were a bit dry. Otherwise, this beef burger was remarkable.

The Grilled Salmon was another star. The grilled fish was topped off with a tangy sauce with sweet corn and served with mashed potatoes and garlic bread. The fish was grilled well and the combination was excellent. Salmon is a fibrous fish with it's characteristic aroma so those who like it love it and those who don't, they have other options ;).

The Grilled Chicken Steak is always a classic and they prepared it in the classic way. The chicken was grilled perfectly and tasted heavenly. Along with the chicken, there were some sauteed vegetables and plain sliced bread.

Veg Burger

Beef Burger

Hot Dog

Grilled Salmon

Grilled Chicken Steak

The dessert was brownie with vanilla ice cream so another classic and nothing special.

The food was pretty impressive apart from the few adjustments which will make them even better.

We also had a lot of beer ranging from Hoegaarden, Krombacher pils, Estrella Damm, Peroni and a few others. Each of these beauties had their special characteristics, aroma and flavour. Some were light and refreshing, some had a tinge of spice and a fruit touch and finally some had the great taste of common beer with a different aroma. 

We personally liked the Hoegaarden and Estrella Damm the most.

Now coming down to the Beerosphere range of products launched for all those who love beer and can't live without it. We saw a couple of these and they will sure come in handy.

The beer café has come up with a line of merchandise which the patrons and Beer Café fans can take home! It comprises of over 30 products across different categories and those really are something a beer lover would like to have!

Spin Chill

Sonic Foamer

No relevance, just found the picture good that's all :P

The three products to chill your drink in different ways were something that caught our fancy. A Spin Chill, can chill you room temperature beer within a minute with the help of some ice! Chill Puck can is like a coaster which can chill your drink (now how chill is that, haha!) and the one that we liked the most was the mini fridge. Yeah, not the one you see at the hotel rooms, this really is a “Mini” fridge which runs on USB.  It is a small box which works as a fridge for your beer can while you work on your laptop or anywhere near a USB drive!

Beerosphere also has a beer cap collector, for the true beer lover at heart and it is nothing less than a personal work of art and a place for good memories to be! Now, the Sonic Foamer, the most technologically advanced product we saw that day, works wonders on your old beer! It foams it up with plenty of bubbles and makes it fresh and frothy!

There are plenty more and most of them are attractively priced.

So that's all from our side on this beautiful beerscapade! This place is definitely a beer lovers paradise because they serve a wide variety of beer and it is a no disappointment guaranteed show.

If you guys visit, do let us know about your experience.

We'll be back soon with something new and different!

Till then-- bon apetit! 

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