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Egg roast with Malabar Parota

Generally, restaurants create special menus/organize festivals and more for lunch, dinner and sometimes brunch. It is very rare that we encounter a special breakfast offering mainly because of the timing and especially on weekends!

Very recently we visited The Taj Gateway Hotel situated in Residency road, Bangalore for trying out the special Syrian Christian Breakfast menu being served in their award winning, legendary restaurant—Karavalli! The environment of Karavalli is very soothing and relaxing and is guaranteed to help you de-stress. The garden type arrangement, with fountains and secluded seating was quite eye catching. Moreover, apart from their outdoor seating, they also have indoor seating.

Karavalli is one of the most award winning and respected restaurants in our country and on the brink of completion of their 26th year of successful operations they have decided to add a twist to the normal way of celebration. They normally bring to their customers, the cuisine of different communities, some lost, some forgotten but very much alive!
With this said, this time they decided to bring to its customers a special Syrian Christian breakfast menu dedicated to the rich cultural heritage and cuisine of this special community located throughout Kerala.

The menu contained a variety of items which were very flavourful and light on the stomach. Along with the breakfast they serve sparkling wine to kick start your day a different way!

Serving plates with banana leaf (Authentic style)

Banana blossom cutlets served with ginger chutney and tomato ketchup

There was a mutton stew, meen moily or the fish preparation, a chicken preparation, egg roast served with Malabar parota (otherwise known as Porotta Mutta Roast), steamed rice cakes with black channa in a spicy coconut masala (also known as Puttu Kadala curry), banana blossom cutlets and a fried banana dessert accompanied by aromatic black tea (known as Chayaa Vazhapoo).

The accompaniments in all the cases were a variety of appams.

We started off with the banana blossom cutlets which were lightly fried, mildly spiced and very tasty. Plus since it is lightly fried—not much oil at all!

The egg roast preparation was spicy, mildly sweet because of the presence of onions but the gravy was very tasty and this tasted excellent with the Malabar Parotas. I (Rudra) personally like my eggs roasted/slightly fried. In this case, the dish would have tasted 10X better if the eggs were roasted, I believe!

Apart from the egg, everything else was spectacular! The mutton stew was simply mouth watering: It was mild, very flavourful and the essence of mutton made this exceptional. The potatoes in it also contributed positively. It was served with traditional appams.

The fish preparation had mild levels of spice and had coconut milk, which of course gave it a wonderful aroma and taste. This was served with Kalappams which were soft like bread and had a slight crisp to it. This combo was remarkable too!

The chicken preparation was also very flavourful but it was a tad bit spicier than the others. This was served with idiappams and the combo tasted great, but not as much as the mutton and the fish.

The black channa preparation was spicy and the coconut based masala gave it a very good aroma and taste. It sort of had a Goan touch to it. This was served with brown rice cakes with interleaved grated coconut. The combo did not taste that good, but the channa preparation deserves praise!

Mutton stew preparation

Meen moili


Chicken preparation


Black channa in spicy coconut masala served with steamed rice cakes

The finale was with the fried banana dessert and a very aromatic black tea which had just the right amount of sweetness. The banana had a very light batter coating and it tasted quite nice.

The champagne which was served was of high quality and went well with all the above items.

Special thanks to the executive chef Naren Thimmaia for educating us about this form of cuisine and the roots of this implementation.

This special breakfast menu is available only for this upcoming Saturday and Sunday i.e. 16-17th July.

If you are a breakfast person who has an adventurous palate: this is highly recommended.

All the items were well prepared and absolutely mouth watering. So, what are your breakfast plans this weekend?

In case you guys visit, do let us know about your experience!
Till then—bon appétit!

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