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Kashmiri Pulao

There are certain preparations which somehow satiate the inner hunger of super hungry individuals like us! Some people are easy to satisfy and they quickly get converted but there are some people who have a humongous appetite and if only the food wins their stomach (not their heart ;)), they get converted and of course a happily ever after scene.

By converted we mean they get regular cravings for such kind of food. Consequently it means good business for the restaurant as well. In this case we are talking about Zzungry, which we believe to be one of the best food delivering restaurants in Bangalore.

Their food is so well crafted and prepared that it is bound to make anyone feel the amount of effort put in to prepare them. Last time we tried some pretty spectacular dishes and this time we are back with more!

We tried a lot of things, so please be patient ;):

Murgh Pathani Tikka, Angara Murgh Champ, a stuffed aloo preparation and Kallan kebab for starters. We had Martaban Murgh, Mutton Kolhapuri and Paneer Awadhi for main course and Kashmiri pulao, lachha paratha and satoo paratha as accompaniments. The dessert item was the rasmalai.

Murgh Pathani Tikka

Similar to the time before, their starters were mind blowing. Their preparations are quite unique and excellently marinated to give you that soft and flavourful bite every time!

The Pathani Tikka was slightly greenish in colour, as mentioned very well marinated with a tinge of spinach and other herbs and spices. The chicken was perfectly cooked and the preparation was not so spicy. A pause with every bite is what we experienced.

Murgh Angara Champ

The Angara Champ was sort of like Tandoori chicken with a twist. The differences being that is was very spicy, the chicken was “melt in the mouth” soft and that smoky flavour imparted by the tandoor. The chicken pieces were big and the best part is that we found the same taste throughout! For people not accustomed to having spicy food, you are bound to experience tears of joy ;)

Bharwa Aloo

The potato preparation was also remarkable. The potato pieces were more or less of equal size and stuffed with khoya. The potato pieces were cooked with spices and the khoya imparted some sweetness to every bite. It was well balanced and it was surely a treat to have as it had a good aroma and was very tasty. A point to mention is that the potato chunks were cooked perfectly, just enough so that it does not break after stuffing it.

Kallan Kebab

The Kallan kebab was a mixture of minced lamb and minced chicken and of course mixed with herbs and spices and cooked to perfection. The flavours and essence of lamb and chicken were distinct and we wish we had more! Moreover, it was not too spicy. Might be because of delayed consumption, but we felt it would have been even better if it was a tad bit juicier.

The main course was equally good without any doubt.

Mutton Kolhapuri

The mutton preparation was spicy and rich. Not for the faint of heart and of course people who are diet conscious. They give good pieces of mutton along with the bone and the mutton is excellently cooked and fresh.

Martaban Murgh

The chicken flavour was very different. It tasted sort of like chicken kassa but with a twist. The twist was tasty of course! Their quantity is more than sufficient for two people and the gravy was aromatic. This tasted the best with the kashmiri pulao which was....wait for it: so fragrant and fruity that you can’t stop thinking about it. The proportions were great as the fragrance of all the fruits used blended perfectly. The best part was the pomegranate which added a sweet crunch to every bite.

Paneer Awadhi

The paneer was slightly on the sweeter side, very rich and well done. The paneer went well with the lachha paratha. The best part about the preparation was the assortment of flavours in the gravy combined with the soft paneer pieces.

Apart from this there was the satoo paratha which was decent but nothing special.


Lastly, the rasmalai was the sweet ending. The quantity was good and the consistency of the malai was perfect. The only problem was with the stiffness of the rasmalai. We felt it could have been a bit softer, as it ideally should be.

Overall, it was a grand feast sitting right at home! We believe Zzungry is the only restaurant which delivers such a degree of food at your doorstep so that you can sit at home and enjoy the rich delicacies of the royal kitchens of India.

There is no such preparation we recommend. In fact it is them as a whole we recommend. Do be careful while ordering from them, as if you order once you are bound to reorder!

Hope this review did not brainwash you much ;)

We will bring you more similar encounters soon.

Till then—bon appétit!

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