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Breakfast food events are a rare occurrence, but when you go do go out in the morning to a food blogger’s meet up, you expect some good food. We recently went to the Jackfruit365 Meet up at Grand Mercure hotel, Bangalore and we were pleasantly surprised to see the breakfast spread and its core ingredient!

Jackfruit, the often ignored but superbly tasty fruit, was the core ingredients to dishes like dosa, pan cake, galouti kabab and more!

Jackfruits were present in all of these preparations in one way or the other. Jackfruit365 is company that aims to bring this ignored player in the middle ground by highlighting all of Jackfruit’s health benefits and environmental benefits.  Jackfruit is a crop that can be grown easily in drought stricken areas and can help a lot of farmers if the demand of the same goes up!

Their product is raw jackfruit freeze dried and dehydrated, which can be powdered to be used with rice or flour in a 1:3 ratio. Rich in fibre and healthy nutrients this makes a great option for a substitute for the health conscious! 

Now coming down to the food we had! 

We had Galouti kabab made out of only jackfruit, pancakes, dosa, idli, appam , jackfruit seed curry and an array of other dishes made using jackfruit flour and other parts of a jackfruit.  

Bacon on toast (No Jackfruit :D)

We were surprised to know that the Galouti kababs were not made of meat but instead of only the jackfruit because you can hardly make that out. The pancakes were fluffy and very tasty and I couldn’t control myself from having loads of them!

The idlis steamed in jackfruit leaves were a real delight to see and taste, soft and savoury and perfectly done. After the breakfast I am quite sure that everyone present there was convinced of what this ingredient is capable of!

I am looking forward to whipping up recipes using this particular ingredient. You can buy the Freeze dried jackfruit online. We would ask you to give this a try and you will not be disappointed, trust us, we were really impressed!

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