The Dragon Boat Festival @ Yauatcha | Bangalore


By now you would have known that Yauatacha is one of our most favourite places to visit! This time we had the privilege of tasting the festival menu, of the Dragon Boat festival.
Dragon Boat festival is traditionally a time to eat Zongzi, drink rice wine and race dragon boats and indulge in celebrations with family and friends. This festival dates back 2000 year!

The zongzi , pyramid shaped sticky rice dumplings, being the speciality of this festival made up 90 percent of the menu. This festival menu is a side menu and not complete by itself.

All of the sticky rice dumplings are steamed with lotus leaf wrapped around the pyramid/ squares of rice. The lotus leaf lends a beautiful aroma and subtle taste to the dumplings.

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with asparagus has an asparagus and carrots filling sandwiched within the pyramid.  It a good option for vegetarians and those who love a little spicy and sweet filling.

Side served with veg dim sum (Part of main menu)

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with edamame and vegetarian duck had a similar sort of structure. The filling which was sandwiched, had mock duck meat and edamame beans. The taste is very light and mild of this particular dumpling.

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken and prawn had beautifully done prawn amongst the minced chicken filling. This was a light flavoured dumpling. You would need to have a side dish with this one.

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with chicken had small chunks of chicken sandwiched again, within the sticky rice. The filling was a little sweet and nice to have with the nicely done sticky rice.

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with pork belly and shiitake mushroom had small pieces of pork and thin sliced mushroom caps in a flavoursome sauce sandwiched in sticky rice. It’s a nice option if you like smoky pork meat and nicely done mushrooms.

Side dish served with non veg dim sum

Sticky rice in lotus leaf with pine nuts and lamb was the best of them all, the crunch of pine nuts with the savoury meat pieces of lamb made this a delectable dim sum. A great choice for the non vegetarians!

Now coming down to the drink and dessert.

The cocktail on the festival menu is called Citrus Spritz and is really a rough cocktail, Smells beautiful , citrusy and fresh. The orange and lime is what makes it smell so beautiful . Vodka, dry vermouth, lime and Chandon brut are the contents of the drink and it is a great combination for the dishes on the menu!

Now, the best part of the menu, the dessert.

Wine-soaked water chestnut and mango cake with Sauvignon sorbet , is the almost self explanatory dessert on the menu.

The sorbet is a white wine and litchi sorbet and is a perfect sorbet. The water chestnuts are soaked in red wine and mostly used as garnish alongside the mango pieces.

You can enjoy this menu at Yauatcha Bangalore this whole month of June! More about the regular menu here

Hope you have a good time enjoying the menu! 

Bon appetit ! 

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