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Do you ever feel that you do not want to return after visiting a restaurant? We sure do!

There are a few restaurants, which not only serve food and drinks but gift satisfaction to its customers. The place we are talking about has a simple yet elegant ambiance, extremely courteous staff, balanced cocktails which will leave you longing for more and finally their food which is beyond words. Plus, it is tough to beat these guys in their music sense too.

Like we have mentioned before: Yauatcha never disappoints!

We were invited for dim sum and drinks followed by dinner by Yauatcha, Bangalore and we confess: we actually did not feel like leaving the place. (Not because we were high, but because of the friendly and homely atmosphere they create every time!)

The ingredients they use, the taste of their food and of course their presentation are of a different level altogether.

We tried a variety of items, some of which we have tried before and of course written about as well. The items we tried again: they had the same great taste as before.

The repetitive items were the pumpkin prawns, the truffle edamame dumplings and the cocktails. For checking them out, access this link.

Now for the things which were new and refreshing:

We tried the vegetable char sui bun, hargau, charcoal lamb bun, chicken sugar cane roll and the chicken and prawn shui mai.

When it comes to dim sums, Yauatcha is definitely the place to be. The vegetable char sui bun looks exactly like the chicken variety, except for the stuffing of course. It is a bao type preparation with a soft, white outer covering. The entire combination is mildly sweet and has a burst of flavour.

The hargau was fantastic! It had minced prawns as its stuffing and it was cooked to perfection. The dim sum covering is as thin as it gets and the sweetness of the prawns added to the delight!

The charcoal lamb bun was an interesting preparation. Its presentation was quite different than the others and it was served steaming hot. There were 3 long buns with an outer covering similar to the char sui bun but thinner. The inner stuffing was on the sweeter side and the lamb mixture was very tasty. The lamb was minced and cooked according to this preparation, so the lamb like essence was not so dominating.

The chicken and prawn shui mai was something we did try before and loved it! The vibrant yellow colour is very attractive and the proportions of the minced prawns and chicken are perfect. They make sure that in every bite you get a little bit of both.

We found the chicken sugar cane rolls to be a novelty. The dish consisted of fried lollipops, which had succulent chicken inside around a quarter inch thick sugarcane stick. Bite into the chicken, then slowly bite the sugarcane and indulge in a one of a kind experience. The flavour, the sweetness and of course the juicy chicken made our dinner better than it already was!

Apart from these we tried three dishes from their regular menu which blew our taste buds!

The spicy wild prawn curry with water chestnuts and the steamed jasmine rice was an excellent combination which was suggested by one of their staff. This preparation was simple but incredible. There were fresh sweet prawns cooked with bell peppers, curry leaves and water chestnuts and the gravy had the perfect consistency. The entire dish was flavorsome with the chestnuts adding a slight crunch to the dish.

Another wonder was the honey smoked pork ribs. I (Rudra) did not expect it to be so delightful. It was perfected beyond perfection: The perfect essence of pork having a glaze and the sweetness of honey and simultaneously the smoky flavour. It was absolute art on a plate and we would seriously recommend it to anyone who wants to get their mind blown!

We also tried the crispy lamb with raw mango and it was very well prepared as well. There were small pieces of raw mango dispersed with the crispy strips of lamb, coated with honey and sesame seeds. The raw mango pieces imparted a distinct flavour to the dish and the sweet taste combined with the crispiness actually felt good.

A point worth mention is that in most restaurants, these preparations have fried lamb 90% whereas the 10% is just fried batter. In this case it was all lamb, no adulteration!

Lastly, the desserts: We tried religieuse and the raspberry delice. Yauatcha is renowned for their desserts and why wouldn’t they be if they create masterpieces like these. Their presentation is impeccable and all their desserts have the perfect consistency and texture.

The religieuse was a total chocolate indulgence! The chocolate garnish and the chocolate towers were too good to look at, leaving aside the taste part. The towers had chocolate and hazelnut crème and chocolate praline ganache. The entire contents of this were very smooth. One can definitely fall in love with this dessert.

The raspberry delice had a fresh fragrance of raspberries throughout and its presentation was lovely too! There was a raspberry mousse which looked sort of like a rose and served with hazelnut brownie and raspberry ripple ice cream. As mentioned: the texture and consistency of the desserts are perfect and this one had raspberry in almost everything and they were well balanced. These surely provide the perfect ending to a perfect dining experience.

It was disappointing that we had to leave at this point, but we had to stomach space left :P

We hope this review helps out a fellow foodie in search of simply great food!

If food is an integral part of your life and you appreciate food not only to devour but also as an experience: Do visit these guys and let us know how you felt! (Btw, they will be changing their menu soon so we are pretty excited about it as well ;))

Till next time people—bon appétit! 

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