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Initially when we used to visit restaurants and like the food, the only thing we would do is maybe tell our friends and colleagues about our experience mainly as an ice breaker. This is one of the restaurants which made us change our thinking, after which we started talking about our experiences online through our blog.

The name of the restaurant is Soho St. And it is situated in BTM layout, Bangalore. The first time around, we really loved the ambiance and the shredded kebabs served as starters. It was quite a long time since we tried out their food and we decided to revisit!
The ambiance is still the same, depicting a street in London and this time around there was a few changes in the menu. The focus was upon Asian street food through their live counters.

The reception was warm and welcoming and with the dim lights all around it was a perfect place to crash in this hot Bangalore summer. The spread was enormous and we really had our hopes high!

The starters were enough to satisfy a snorlax! [That’s a Pokémon reference btw :P]

Mango Flavoured Mocktail 

There was a chinese roasted chicken, chicken malai kebab, chilli chicken, paneer tikka, schezwan prawns, tandoori baby corn, salt and pepper fried mixed veggies, something like an aloo tikki, a fish preparation, tandoori gobi, chicken and veg momo’s and a few more. There was also a pasta counter and the Chinese stir fry counter.

 We found all the starters to be extremely tasty and well prepared except for the momo preparations. Presentation wise they were pretty decent as well.

Undoubtedly we found the best starter to be the chicken malai kebab, which was brilliantly made. The chicken was soft and juicy, perfectly grilled and the richness of the malai could be sensed with each bite.

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We found the chilli chicken preparation to be very good too. The chicken pieces had a good crunch and were soft on the inside. The whole mixture was spicy and tasty! The prawn preparation had a good consistency and had a hot and spicy taste. The prawns had their tail intact which is normally seen in grilled preparations, but it tasted great.

The tandoori gobi had a feature which was quite rare. The flowers were properly grilled and were soft and juicy instead of being hard and chewy like most of the time we have tried before.

Pineapple Starter
Baby Corn Tandoori

From the veg side, the paneer starter was very tasty. It had a slightly crispy outer layer and was soft inside. It had a coating of herbs and spices and it was mouth watering.

Veg Momo

Chicken Momo

The momo preparations were lacking flavours. The veg momo covering was thick but the mixture had a good aroma. Taste wise, it was not that good. The chicken momo had good quantity of chicken, but the stuffing was not balanced properly due to which it tasted bland.

The Chinese roasted chicken was brilliant in its own way. The chicken was very well cooked and was juicy. The gravy was slightly thick, was mildly sweet and had good consistency. The broccoli went very well alongside the chicken and this preparation was also mouth watering.

There were some other starters as well, but these were the highlights!

In the pasta counter there were two types of pasta available: penne and spaghetti and the usual ingredients. We tried the spaghetti in white sauce and the outcome was quite impressive. The sauce had the right consistency and was cheesy. A must try if one is there for the buffet.

The Chinese stir fry counter had a variety of non veg and veg ingredients. We tried squid, chicken, prawns, broccoli, onions and mushrooms coupled with rice. They ask for the customer’s choice regarding spice level. We wanted it spicy so it was made using peri peri sauce. The result was hot & delicious.

This brings an end to the army of starters and we move on to the main course.

The burnt garlic noodles preparation was very tasty and the garlic aroma was not overpowering. However, it did contain a bit more salt than usual except for which it was worth every noodle strand!

The Malabar prawn preparation was rich, spicy and had the right amount of coconut flavour. The dish was sweet and a bit tangy and we loved it! The mutton preparation “rara gosht” was also very different and tasty. The dish had small bony pieces of mutton lying on a bed of keema. It was hot, spicy and had the essence of mutton throughout and it was lip smacking!

There was a Thai preparation containing broccoli and we found that to be very different, having a unique taste.

The kashmiri pulao was worth every spoonful! It was very fragrant, with pieces of pineapple and blocks of paneer scattered. It was the perfect accompaniment of the malai kofta which was soft and sweet. Taste wise it was pretty decent, but it's gravy was thick and rich.

Till now, it was an amazing journey revisited. It was time this journey also came to an end, so we decided to sweeten things up ;).

There were a wide variety of desserts as well, but unfortunately we were not able to try them all. There were fresh pineapple and watermelon, gooey brownie, a variety of ice cream, baked gulab jamun, caramel pudding, chocolate pastry, and a couple of others.

We want to mention the name of the restaurant manager Mr. Kausik Aich for suggesting a dessert combination which gave our lunch a perfect ending: Vanilla ice cream with the gooey brownie. It was a hot and cold affair and it tasted heavenly!

The baked gulab jamun was different, had the right amount of sweetness, had the perfect colour and was slightly hot! This tasted very nice indeed!

The chocolate pastry was soft and had a mild chocolate flavour. It also had liquid chocolate in its layers which prevented a dry bite.

And after this our lengthy lunch ended!

Like the time before, it was a great experience and we would definitely visit again. Soho St. Changes their menu about a couple of times a week and they never disappoint.

If anyone is in the mood for some different food and a classy ambiance, then this is one of the best choices in Bangalore!

Hope this review helps out a fellow foodie in the quest for good food!

Till next time—bon appétit!

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  1. This would be perfect for me. I love those Chicken Momo sounds delicious.


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