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Punjabi By Nature | Blogger's Table | Event

It is always a pleasure when you are associated with food loving people. On top of that, if you are in a restaurant having an impressive ambiance the experience reaches a different level.

So, this scenario was replicated very recently in Punjabi by Nature, In Koramangala where there were around 2 dozen foodies who simply jumped with joy at the sight of food!

The food which they serve deserves praise and any non veg lover who loves North Indian cuisine should crash in and try them out.

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There were 4 varieties of brewed beers, a wide variety of starters and some lip smacking main course items too. After arriving at the venue we came to know that there was a different agenda altogether: Fratelli wines organized a wine tasting and pairing with Indian starters.

Punjabi by Nature called it a Bloggers Table and it sure was an apt name. There was a separate space dedicated to this event, similar to a courtyard and everything was very well arranged.

The decor and ambiance of the restaurant was very attractive and their food also demanded respect since most of the items were mind blowing!

There were 4 types of beer: German pilsner, American pale ale with green apple, house special wheat and their dark special roasted stout beer.

We expected a bit of head on the beers, but they did not have much of a head. The colour of the American ale beer was interesting, but when it came to taste it was a bit blunt and there was not enough carbonation to carry the feeling through.

The house special wheat beer was one of the best they served. It had a very soothing and pleasant aroma, the right taste and fizz (carbonation) as well.

The best beer according to us was the stout beer which had a great blend of cocoa and coffee and a slight touch of caramel. It also had a good hit, so we would definitely recommend this one here!

The German pilsner was a lager beer and taste wise it could have been better. There was lack of flavour in the beer in comparison to the above two. So, the result could be different if this is had first!

Now the beer carnival is over, coming down to the veg and non-veg starters:

4 types of veg starters and 3 types of non veg were served. Unfortunately we were not able to try all of them, so we will write about the ones we have tried.

We found the dahi ke kabab and the tandoori paneer tikka to be phenomenal! The dahi ke kabab is mainly made up of hung curd and it was beautifully made! It had the right spice level and balance. Looks wise, it had a soft patty and when bitten into: a small portion of the curd oozes out.

The paneer tikka was godlike! Huge chunks of soft and creamy paneer. It was grilled perfectly and tasted as already mentioned godlike!

We also tasted the tandoori phool, but unfortunately the broccoli and cauliflower pieces were not marinated enough. They were also a bit undercooked so it was a bit of a disappointment after tasting the above two!

We tried all the non veg starters: The amritsari fish tikka has a lot of room for improvement. It was spicy but unfortunately it was a bit too dry for comfort. The murgh malai kebab was very good. The chicken was soft and creamy, but it could have been a lot better if the quantity of cheese/malai was more.

The best non-veg starter was the kasturi kebab. The dish consisted of huge chunks of chicken, served in an elegant way. The dish was spicy, rich and creamy. The flavour of fenugreek leaves (kasoori methi) was well balanced and it was delicious!

We tried out six varieties of Fratelli wines:

Moulin De Gassac Savignon Blanc
Vina Edmara Chardonnay
Moulin De Gassac Syrah
Vina Edmara Pinot Noir
Fratelli Sauvignon Blanc and
Fratelli Cabernet Sauvignon

We found all the wines to be very potent and they paired excellently with the spicy Indian food. Some of the mentioned wines were a bit stronger than the others, some were bit sweet and some bitter but each had their unique characteristics. We were told about the composition and chemistry of the wines.
It is not that wine and cheese are the best pairing, these wines paired excellently with Indian food.
We are not into wine so much, but we sure liked all the varieties.

Regarding the main course, the meat Punjabi by nature and the paneer makhani were really good. We are not writing in depth since we are not content with the food tasting. The food was really good, but in order to write, one needs to taste properly.

We also tried two types of desserts: Jalebi with Rabri and their gulab jamun. The former is a good combination. The jalebi was thin and slightly crunchy and not so sweet and went very well with the Rabri. The gulab jamun was a pleasure to look at (since they set it on fire) but taste wise it was soft and decent, nothing extra ordinary.

We would definitely love to revisit and try out their beers and food. It is a great place and certainly worth a revisit.

In case we do, we will surely write about it ;)

Till next time—bon appétit! 

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