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Wahrabia fest at Barbeque Nation
It must have occurred to all of us at one point of time that it is not only the food which fetches you points, but there is a lot more to it than that. Yesterday, we were at the Wahrabia festival at Barbeque Nation in Electronic city, Bangalore and there were certain things which proved why they are worthy of wearing the “King of BBQ” crown.

Their courteous staff, space management and the deliciously different festival menu deserve a lot of praise!  Moreover, the decoration which we thought was a theme based on The Arabian Nights and Aladdin was superbly implemented. On top of this, the soothing Arabic music which was being played is guaranteed to make your dining experience worth remembering and cherishing.

We have been to a couple of their festivals before, but this one stands out! The Wahrabia festival is perfect not only for romantic dining, but also for family dining as well.

Now coming down to their food: Their spread is huge and it is not possible for a sane human being to have it all! They have starters on and off the grill, non veg and veg live counters, large variety of main course items and some pretty wicked desserts! Oh and yes a Kulfi counter too ;)

We found most of the starters to be different from what they serve every time. The meat and fish varieties were juicy and soft and of course well marinated. Since it was an Arabian food festival, certain Arabian condiments must have been used and the taste was refreshing and nonetheless tasty!

The highlights were the chicken tengri kabab: It tasted like char grilled chicken tandoori with that Arabian twist! Followed by the mutton sheekh kebab which was very different from what we had before. The highlight was the essence of fresh coriander throughout the minced lamb. Lastly, the samak mashwi or the grilled fish was probably the best starter on the grill. Juicy layers of fish coated with spices and it tasted excellent with the mayonnaise dip provided.

That is all from the non veg starter point of view. There were many veg starters as well and a few of them were truly mind blowing! The pineapple variety was juicy, sweet and smoky as expected. It was an excellent palate cleanser.

The Egyptian Zuben or the paneer preparation was the best! It was served with grilled peppers and tomatoes and the paneer was insanely tasty and soft which is quite difficult to achieve. The mushroom grill was also unique especially because of the jalapeno seasoning which gave a slight bitter zing to the mushrooms. It had a sharp taste but tasted great!

One thing which we found to be great customer orientation was that the customers can customize the spice level on the starters. They have normal, low and medium spicy variants which are sure to satisfy customers based on their palates.  

We were served a special mango mojito which was something very special. It tasted awesome and by far it was the best mojito we have had!

The live counters were also quite promising. We were able to try out only the non veg counter owing to stomach constraints!

There was a chicken liver preparation, chicken shawarma, a mutton kebab and another chicken preparation. Except for the chicken liver, we found all the other three worth trying.

The main course had a decent spread. The chicken biriyani had a blunt aroma but was packed with flavours. For non veg lovers, the fish preparation, the mutton preparation and the chicken cooked with vegetables all were lovely! The chicken korma was also very flavoursome but the others were better!  We would definitely recommend the fish and the mutton preparations as they were different and very tasty.

For the veg side, gobi mussallam and the Nargisi kofta are a must try. The Nargisi kofta preparation was rich, great in taste and it is something both non veg and veg lovers can enjoy equally.

Lastly, the desserts: For which barbeque nation is quite famous!

The date pastry was very different from what we have had before. The pastries were soft and spongy and were topped off with date puree. There was also a strawberry pastry which had a tangy strawberry flavour.

The coconut and walnut pie was again something different and lovely to taste. The pieces of pie were topped off with a slice of coconut.

Nothing special to mention about the brownies as they are always great! The rice pudding preparation was something we would urge everyone to try. It had the right amount of sweetness and consistency and was a pleasure to have. Most importantly it was not so heavy after a full meal.

We have tried to put down this fantastic experience in words and pictures, but one needs to experience it to feel the same!

We want to thank Mr. Yasin for his wonderful service, without which our experience would not have been the same.

Since the Wahrabia festival closes tomorrow, there are only 24 hours left to experience this wonderful festival.

Since we had a gala of a time, we would definitely look forward to the upcoming festival.

So, if you are planning where to go for Saturday dinner tomorrow, you can definitely give this a shot!

If you do visit/have visited, let us know how you felt in the comments below J.

Till next time—bon appétit!

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