Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore


Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore
Watermelon Mojito

Before we start writing this review and go in depth about the details of the restaurant and their food, we want to make an honest confession. We have had a dish which is very popular among all Indians, called Butter Chicken or Murgh Makhani. We have tasted this dish on numerous occasions from time to time, from a variety of restaurants across Bangalore & Kolkata but nowhere have we found this kind of taste. The butter chicken preparation of this restaurant is by far the best we have had and there are no doubts about it!

This restaurant has its origins in Delhi and now they have recently opened in Bangalore to give the people of Bangalore, a true taste of North Indian Cuisine!

The restaurant which we are talking about is The Pindi which is located in HSR layout quite near silk board. As the roots of this establishment are in Delhi, they focus on only North Indian food.

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

They are currently operating on two floors: one of which is air conditioned and hosts the buffet setup and the other is a splendid and romantic rooftop. The wall decoration of the air conditioned floor tries to portray the different faces of Delhi, whereas the terrace is decorated mainly with flower pots.

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

The terrace setup is best enjoyed during dinner time and if a cool breeze flows by, it is guaranteed to uplift your mood, help you de-stress and enjoy the view! (And of course indulge in food which will make your taste buds happy!) Another thing we loved about the terrace is the filament bulbs hanging from the ceiling which are quite unique.

Ok now enough with the decor and let’s get down to business: Their menu packs a lot of variety and contains items which everyone knows about so, one can order without hesitation.

We tried two mocktails: the appletini and the watermelon mojito.

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

If one is familiar with alcohol, especially vodka [to be more specific magic moments green apple] and is trying to cut down on alcohol but it is too difficult for him/her—try this appletini!!

Jokes apart, it did taste very similar. A very refreshing taste of green apple combined with a tinge of lemon and it was very soothing. It was a very balanced mocktail.

The mojito was even more balanced. The presentation of this was very good and the taste was even better! The effect of the watermelon juice was subdued by the lemon and the mint leaves giving a distinct taste of each with every sip. Don’t believe us? Give it a shot and we are ready to welcome you to the watermelon mojito lovers club! ;)

Next up, the starters! We tried the Shahi veg and non-veg tandoori platters.

Both of the varieties were heavily marinated and the result was mouth watering kebabs! On the veg side, the paneer kurkure was their special dish and it was very special indeed. There was a big cube of paneer which was quite soft and surrounded by crunchy and small fragments of roasted papad. It was definitely something different and was very well implemented.

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

The tandoori gobi preparation was also very tasty. It had whole flowers perfectly grilled and it was quite spicy. With every bite we felt the tandoori flavour and we loved it. There was a mushroom kebab in this platter which was probably the best of the lot. Smoky mushrooms with stuffed paneer—not only was everything well cooked but also the flavours were not compromised!

There was a potato preparation with stuffed paneer which also tasted good mainly because of the tasty paneer stuffing. There was only one disappointment in this platter which was the veg sheekh kebab. We found it to be a little too dry and except for that a bit spicy. [although we did have the privilege of trying it again and this time it was much better: juicier and tastier!]

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

Now for the non veg platter which was full of surprises and of course juicy meat and fish preparations. The mutton galoti kebab was the best of the lot. The consistency was so fine that with every bite the mutton simply disintegrated in our mouth. It was served with a piece of square paratha. Except for this, the kebab was spicy and had the smoky essence of mutton!

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

The tandoori chicken was also phenomenal, in terms of the juiciness of the chicken as normally it tends to get a bit dry. The fish preparation was equally extraordinary. The layers of fish were fine, juicy and the surface was slightly burnt which gave the great taste a greater kick!

The sheekh kebab in this platter was also a letdown. The kebab was soft and juicy, but there was an overpowering essence of cardamom which made it not so pleasant to taste.

So, these were the highlights of the starters. Now let us take you to wonderland!

For main course, we tried butter chicken and dal makhani accompanied by garlic Naan and Hara dhaniya jeera pulao.

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

The representation of the items were classic and so was the taste. The dal makhani was thick, had a rich buttery aroma and was full of rajma and moong dal. The dish was topped off with a layer of cream which made it an even more sinful affair. Taste wise it was quite impressive!

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

Now for the dish which won our trust: the butter chicken. The dish consisted of soft, boneless chicken in rich, thick and buttery gravy and with every morsel one can feel the richness of the cashews and the subtle essence of butter. This was also topped off with some cream and it was a heavy dish indeed! The dish was superiorly balanced and tasty and the aroma of Indian herbs heightened the experience even more!

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

Regarding the garlic Naan, there is nothing to mention as it was standard but the rice preparation deserves some praise. The fresh coriander leaves and the cumin seeds were in the right balance and made the rice very flavourful and fragrant.

Now that is almost it. The desserts consisted of gulab jamuns which also had a distinct characteristic. They were super soft! We had them hot and it was a perfect ending to a perfect dining experience!

Pindi Review | HSR Layout | Bangalore

The dinner became more special thanks to the excellent service by the staff at Pindi, because they took care of us at every step.

The best part is that they serve everyone the same way, with a smile on their face which is very important.

Overall, it was a remarkable evening. The ambiance, the service and of course the food all contributed to the quality time we spent.

Now for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 4/5
Ambiance: - 4.5/5
Service: - 5/5
Quantity: - 4.25/5

This place is definitely worth a visit and we will be revisiting soon enough!

Hope this review helps out a fellow foodie in search of great North Indian delicacies!

Till next time—bon appétit! J

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