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 Normally each and every one of us has tasted pizzas from the top bosses like Domino’s and Pizza hut. Recently, we came across a pizza joint in Koramangala (opposite to Forum Mall) and we were really looking forward to trying it out. Finally, we had an opportunity thanks to the Food Blogger’s Association of Bangalore (FBAB).

This was the 16th FBAB meet up on 9th Jan in the afternoon.  All the foodies who could manage their time were there and it was a great atmosphere. It is great being with people who have a common factor. In this case it was the love of food!

The name of the joint is Whooppeezz and it has a rather charming environment. The interiors are well lit and it is quite spacious. One aspect of the decor which we found quite attractive was the rope lights.

Now coming down to the food:

 We had so many varieties of Pizza that it is very difficult to remember which is what. The pizzas are quite different from the ones which are normally available in the market. All the pizzas had generous amount of toppings and each had its own unique taste, flavour and characteristics. 

These are some of the pizzas we tried: Veg Explotica, Tandoori paneer, Hawaiian fusion, Paneer fanatico, veg Whooppeezzoo for Veg and Eggizza, Mama’s chicken pizza, Merlin’s Rosemary and the non veg Whooppeezzoo.

No point explaining the constituents (One can see it in the Menu card available online or at the store itself).

Starting with the Veg pizzas: The best no doubt was the Whooppeezzoo! Double crust with liquid cheese in the middle and loads of cheese on top and full of toppings! This pizza is very heavy indeed! The taste is mind blowing as well! With every bite you will have half a mouth full of cheese and it was delightful. 

The Hawaiian fusion was another hit: It is a thin crust pizza with a thin bed of cheese and with every bite you want more. The sweetness of the pineapples and the bitter sourness of the jalapenos complement very well.

The paneer fanatico was simple but great as well. Long strips of capsicum, the spicy pieces of paneer and of course the bed of cheese—great! The tandoori paneer is a variety which is widely available everywhere and it tasted good as well. The ingredients were fresh and one can sense that with every bite.

These were the highlights. Except for these the others were also good but not as good.

Now for the non veg pizzas: The Eggizza was the most unique and innovative pizza and it tasted decent. It was a pleasure to look at and to eat as well. There were round boiled egg slices all around with black olives on top and topped off with cocktail sauce. We sure liked it, but many won’t because the cocktail sauce dominates the taste of the other ingredients.

The non veg Whooppeezzoo was not as good as the Veg one as somehow we did not feel that the toppings went well with the liquid cheese combination. 

The Mama’s chicken pizza and the rosemary pizza were awesome. The former was heavenly because the mushrooms, the onions and the roasted chicken blocks blended perfectly with each other coupled with the thick pizza base and the cheese of course.
The rosemary pizza was one of a kind. Leaving all the common things aside—the chicken cooked in rosemary herbs was the highlight of the pizza. It gave a light aroma and it was cooked to perfection.

Now that is all with the Pizzas. Except for the pizzas, the desserts were good.

We tried the Arrabbiata and the cremelicious pasta. The cremelicious pasta is basically pasta in white sauce. It tasted the way it usually does—nothing great, but it was very watery. You will find all the flavours present but in a very diluted form.
The Arrabbiata pasta was better. It had a good aroma and was a bit sour. The grated cheese on top worked well.

The garlic breads were a disappointment. The toppings were very generous, but the bread was not up to the mark. With every bite, the entire thing was crumbling down. Moreover, the cheese was not properly settled and with one bite, almost all the cheese would be gone and one would be left with plain garlic bread with no cheese.

We also tried Nachos which were good. The accompaniments were cheesy and salsa dip and they were at par with all other joints. The BBQ chicken wings were nice! It had a smoky flavour with BBQ sauce and a hint of sweetness. That was a palate pleaser!

Lastly the desserts:

The tres leche looked very appealing. It had chocolate chips sprinkled over the top. It was very spongy and soft. The balance of sweetness was also good. We found a resemblance to an Indian sweet called rasmalai.

We were served a chocolate shot (most probably called bonnefy shot). It had frosting on top, followed by grated chocolate and then caramel. This tasted great! The sweetness was perfect coupled with the flavour of caramel. Worth a try!

Lastly the chocolate pizza with almond flakes. We tried this for the first time and it is something all sweet tooth’s would love. The base of the pizza is a bit hard a crunchy to support all the molten chocolate. The chocolate oozes out on each bite and you feel wonderful. The almond topping was very generous, but it did not affect the taste much. If substituted with hazelnuts this preparation would taste heavenly! 

Overall, it was a great experience—not only because of the food but also because of the lovely foodies around!

If you are in the mood for some different and cheesilicious pizzas, then you can give this joint a try!


Till next time—bon appétit!

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