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There is a different kind of charm being in a cafe in your home town with old friends and loved ones, especially when the cafe serves grilled meaty delights.

These experiences can be relived again and again. The cafe under consideration is a cosy place with a musical ambiance and an outdoor seating arrangement. The name of the joint is Rubi’s Grill, located in Dover Lane in Gariahat, Kolkata.

The lighting was a bit dim, with music playing all the time and with funky Hollywood posters on the walls. (It seemed they were a big fan of Al Pacino) Even the table mats were movie and rock band posters.

We ordered three items: A chicken Hawaiian salad, a meat lover pizza and bacon wrapped chicken.
 The Hawaiian salad was quite nutritious—full of shredded chicken, loads and loads of bell peppers, generous amount of mayonnaise, black olives and crispy bread crumbs. The bread crumbs imparted a crunch to the salad. Together with the sourness and turbidity of the olives, coupled with the freshness of the peppers the dish was quite appetizing!

The meat lover pizza was any non vegetarian lover’s paradise—shredded lamb, pork, chicken with bell peppers, olives and onions. The pizza was served in pieces on a platter. The only problem with the pizza was that the crust was thin, but hard. Except for this, the cheese and the other toppings were delightful.

The bacon wrapped chicken was served as lollipops with tooth picks. It was very juicy and the chicken was perfectly wrapped in bacon. Both were perfectly cooked—the chicken core was soft and the bacon was moist and stretchy. There were also traces of pineapple along with the chicken in the core which gave it a fresh and zesty flavour with all the meat around. 

All the dishes were tasty and flavoursome and It was quite a meaty affair :D

Now it’s time for the scoring:

Taste: - 4/5
Quantity: - 3.5/5
Price: - we felt it was a bit overpriced
Service: - 3/5
Ambiance: - 4/5

We found this place to be a decent place to hang out! If you were thinking of trying this joint, you might find this review handy!
Till next time—bon appétit!

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