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It is not every day that we get an opportunity to dine out with a bunch of great food loving people. But we sure got a chance and it was because of the Food Bloggers Association of Bangalore (FBAB). We were invited to the 8th FBAB bloggers meet at Absolute Barbeque. This branch of AB’s is at BTM layout, Bangalore and it opened very recently. 

It was a grand gathering of around 20 big time foodies and the entire restaurant was filled with people that evening. We had a great time interacting with one another and admiring the decor and of course the entire arrangement of the grills, live counters and the dessert counters.

All of us had a gala time and now the reason why: The Food!! :D

After a very long time we found a buffet joint with quality main course food. But before the buffet, the starters and the wish grill was definitely worth mention!

Since we had non veg starters we were only served a few of the veg ones: The cheese corn balls, American cheesy potato and the Mexican mushrooms.

The cheese corn balls had a great balance of the sourness of the cheese and the sweetness of the corns. They tasted fantastic but it would have been even better if the cheese would have oozed out of the balls when broken. Next up, the potato preparation which was pretty good as well—crispy potatoes with molten cheese all over, an absolute delight for cheese lovers! The mushrooms were well cooked and soft, and they tasted good although they were a bit spicy.

Next up the non veg starters: The tandoori tangdi, mutton gilafi seekh, Karachi murgh boti, southern prawns and the garlic fish. 

The tandoori tangdi was very well made, super soft and no colours added—pure tandoori! The mutton seekhs were soft and tender too, whereas the chicken kebab was a bit stiff but it was well marinated and thus was very tasty. The southern prawns had a typical south Indian touch and was a pleasure to have, but a few of the prawns were not marinated well and thus had a bland taste. The best of the lot were the burnt garlic fish—juicy and soft and the outer covering had a garlic flavour and the more it got burnt by the grill, the better it tasted!

Next up, the wish grills. The squid and the octopus preparation was unparallel, as it was the first time we sensed that the squids have absolutely no foul odour and they were beautifully cooked and wow what a great taste! The rabbit and the quail tasted good too and they were less bony and quite spicy! We did not understand which the emu meet was but the shark meat was very distinct—soft and mushy, with an acute fish like stench. The duck meat was prepared with care—slightly shredded, spicy, rich and it’ll definitely wake up your taste buds!

A great bump on the road was the caramelized pineapples which had a very refreshing taste of honey and cinnamon and was very juicy!

After this devouring session, all of us proceeded for the main course. We concentrated only on the non veg dishes. The non veg soup was a big disappointment as it tasted like raw vinegar!

The mutton preparation was really good and it tasted similar to traditional Indian recipes. Then there was the chicken biriyani: we tasted chicken biriyani from all the buffets we have been to but this was the best indeed! The fish preparation was OK, but nothing so special but the Sri Lankan prawn curry was fantastic! It was spicy, sweet and probably contained some herbs. It had a refreshingly fresh taste—Great stuff overall!

Last but not the least—the desserts! 

There was a live ice cream counter in which one could choose amongst variety of ice cream varieties and toppings like nuts, raisins, white and dark chocolate chips and colourful sprinkles!
Their speciality was the paan ice cream which really brought out the flavour of paan via ice cream but some liked it and some did not. 

The black forest and the mango pastries were bite sized with correct amount of sweetness. The black forest was good but nothing special to mention, but the mango pastry had a tangy taste of mangoes throughout and it was an absolute delight! 

The pineapple cheese cake tasted good but the aroma was great, the problem being that they were a bit stiff.  The gulab jamuns were bite sized and you would lose count of how many you are having since they were soft and not too sweet. There were honey French hearts and Ghevar rabdi which we could not taste since we were full. We would definitely try them next time!

Well, it was an experience to remember—not only because of the food but also because of the great people around!

Now time for the scores:

Food/Taste: - 4.5/5

Ambiance: - 4/5

Service: - 4.5/5

Variety: - 5/5

It is a restaurant definitely worth revisiting! Hope this review would help you paint your imagination ;)
Till next time—bon appétit!

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