Bangalore Food Fete 2015


Cheese and spinach Stuffed chicken from Dice N Dine 

Hoolla foodie land tourists! How are you doing??
First weekend of august was quite eventful for us, because after tasting the new menu of Air Asia, we went to a food festival we were invited to the next day! There was an entry fee of 150 for everyone who wanted to join in!

We went to the Bangalore food fete! We ate , We danced and we had a lot of fun doing both and why wouldn’t we like a place of this sort.
We had a trucker burger from Smally’s, a cupcake from Cup cute and a cheese and spinach stuffed chicken from Dice and dine. We also participated in the ice cream eating competition along with a Food blogger from Bangalore we had met that day, Manoj.

Rudra and Manoj had finishes their hokey pokey ice creams, but I was left with just 1/4th of the ice cream when the winning team finished! Everyone was expecting that we will win!!!! It was really fun to participate in the contest though!

We loved everything we had there and then after having all that we had some delicious chats from!

Piri piri potato chips with cheese! This was sooo delicious

Trucker burger and chips from Smally's

 There were around 30 restaurants participating in the fete but we were going to try the chaats from , that's why we restricted ourselves a bit!

Blueberry cupcake from Cupcute 

All in all we had a good time and we are looking forward to the event next year ! 
By the way did you guys visit the food fete this year ??

*Team FLB was invited to the fete. We were not charged the entry fee. 

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