Pot Biriyani, Electronic City | Review


Pot Biriyani, Electronic City | Review
Pot Biriyani, Electronic City | Review 
I have to say that, I hate the food I get in my office cafeteria, and there are only a few people who would say that they like the food here.  And the biggest problem is that the food gets over within 2 pm and I am a person who like a little late lunch. So, last week something of the sort where the “good” food got over happened, and I had to go out in search of food! (I think I just thought of myself as a cave man!)
There are a few restaurants around my office but I had tried almost all of them out and I wanted to eat something from another restaurant.

So, I thought of going for the restaurant “POT BIRIYANI “ and try out what exactly do they mean by their name. Pot Biryani is located near Wipro gate 5 in Electronic city , phase 1. 
Since, I was alone, I just ordered one Chicken Dum Biriyani.
First I had only one table to sit and it was all messed up. I had to wait almost 5 minutes, after asking people to clean up the table. This is more of a come-eat-go kind of place. 
Basically, this is a typical restaurant, going by the definition of the word, because it hardly had any sort of ambiance and the hygiene of this place is not existent. Not that I have not had food in "dirty" dhabas and all, but even they are somewhat clean.

This place is dirty, like someone-forget-cleaning-this-place-since-the-last-20-years dirty! 
And, I saw the most disgusting thing of all! A spoon fell down from the place where they were keeping all the cutlery, a person walked over that spoon, a staff came , saw the spoon on the ground, wiped it with his hands and placed with all the rest of the spoons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
AND THAT WAS IT for me! Immediately after that my food came in. along with that an oily plate.  I had already lost my appetite!
I asked for napkins and wiped the plate. Had the biriyani, and hurried off.
The Biriyani costs 120 INR and has a decent amount of rice along with 3 small pieces of chicken. Honestly I felt like I was given chicken just for the sake of the biriyani being a “Chicken” biriyani! 
Look at the dirty pot!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Being from Kolkata I am used to a large piece of chicken or mutton along with a potato and occasionally an egg in my biriyani. I could adjust with the potato and egg but this is something I cannot adjust! At least give decent chicken pieces people!
The biriyani is typical Andhra style spicy biriyani, tomato and spice being the strongest flavours.
The only thing I liked about this place was the Pot it was served in. But, then again a thought crossed my mind, about how they keep the pots !! Plus, I had thought the biriyani will be cooked in a separate pot /”Handi” .
They serve Chinese and other north Indian dishes , but I am not going back in there!!!!!!

So time for scoring –
Hygiene- 0.5/5
Taste – 2/5 , Quality - 3/5 
Service – 2.5/5
Quantity- 3/5
Ambiance – 0.5/5
I am not going to this place again and not even ordering from Food panda! But, just one thing that I liked, was the behavior of the person who was behind the cash counter.
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  1. Thank you very much for sharing ...I am going to prepare the veg biriyani...Ur pics are mouth watering..Once again thank u very much
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