Chaat Box Review | Whitefield


Chaat Box Review | Whitefield
Papri chaat,Chaat Box Review | Whitefield

Different people have different opinions and similarly every person has likes and dislikes regarding food. Some love desserts, some love kebabs, breakfast items, etc and there are some who are chaat lovers. So before reading on ask yourself this question: Do YOU like chaat items like samosa chaat, papri chaat, panipuri etc? If the answer is yes, then definitely read on. (Even if it is no, do read on because you might like it once you try!)

Chaat Box Review | Whitefield

The past weekend, we were near Marathalli, Bangalore and something struck us. We came across a new but unique establishment called “chaat box” a while ago, but their service area is near Whitefield and ITPL. Since we were near that area we decided to try what they had to offer. Although they are new to this realm, they have great customer focus because in spite of being outside their service area, they still gave us assurance that they would deliver.

They delivered at the time we requested and they delivered the items reasonably hot. At the current point of time they are only doing home delivery which is fast and free!

We tried their samosa chaat, samosas, papri chaat and panipuri. Since the samosa items were hot when delivered, we had them instantly and the other two after some time.

Chaat Box Review | Whitefield
Samosas,Chaat Box Review | Whitefield

The packing was quite impressive, with trays, spoons and all the chutneys and ingredients packed within. The samosas were reasonably hot and therefore the right temperature for consumption. The best thing about them was that the stuffing was generous and not a trace of oil could be found! The stuffing contained mashed potatoes (not whole pieces like the ones normally found), garam masala, coriander and saunf. The samosa had the right crunch, perfectly fried and had a great aroma and taste, plus the added bonus—they were big! 

Chaat Box Review | Whitefield
Samosa chaat,Chaat Box Review | Whitefield

The same goes for the samosa chat, for which the instructions were given on the box itself and the ingredients were packed in containers. The fun things about the samosa chat and papri chat is that you can make it yourself! 

Chaat Box Review | Whitefield

The papri chat box had the instructions for preparing it and the ingredients as well. Everything was fine, except for the papri which were quite hard and you need to put quite some effort to chew it, taste was normal.

 The end product which you will have is of course made by you, so it saves them from the blame :P!

Chaat Box Review | Whitefield
Panipuri,Chaat Box Review | Whitefield

 The best of the lot was the panipuri no doubts! The puris had the right crunch and the stuffing was light and tasty as well. Combined with the jaljeera water, the tamarind & dates chutney it tasted so good! Any day one of the best panipuri we have had.

Now for the scoring:

Taste: - 4/5

Service: - 5/5

Quantity: - 4.5/5

So, if you are in the mood for lying back at home and you want your chaat items delivered, you sure can give chaat box a try! 

Till next time—bon apetit!

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  1. Wow, this review looks so delicious !!

    1. Thanks buddy! You can give this a shot.

  2. Papri chat is looks very delicious. Love to eat this food .Buy Non Dairy Creamer


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