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For young, working professionals every quarter end is an exciting time as there are project parties/team outings and a lot of fun without spending much from your own pocket.
Similarly, I had a gala time this week. A great team outing with a great team at a great place! What more could one ask for! The restaurant is part of a hotel, the De Oriell Boutique hotel situated in 100ft road, Koramangala in Bangalore nearby the famous Sony World signal crossing. 

The entire day the entire team was very excited as we had an excuse for not working much and we preserved our hunger as we were going for a dinner buffet. This was one of the few times Priyanjana did not accompany me to some place I was going to eat.

We entered the venue and saw that the hotel was well decorated, had a proper reception hall and the separate dining space was very cosy, clean, and had individual blocks for private dining even for two! The transparent lift was a thumbs up and we went straight up to the lounge.

We were joking around and having fun until it was time for the feast to begin!
I sat right in between the non veg and the veg grill so that I could have both ;). First irrespective of non veg or veg, the veg kebab sheekhs were served.

The veg sheekhs comprised mushrooms, corn, paneer, and pineapple and a special potato preparation.

100ft BBQ Lounge Review

Everyone was making a lotta noise, but as soon as the starters came in, it was only munching and chewing and words like “ahhh”, “wow” etc. The mushrooms were perfectly cooked and we grilled it some more on the grill. They were soft and the marinade was spicy, overall very Indian and very tasty! The corn was very sweet, and the bell peppers were very fresh just like the corn. The corns were slightly roasted and were extremely tender and juicy. The paneer was green in colour and I loved that! It was not that soft, but was unusually tasty! Especially when we slightly burnt it on the grill, they tasted very different and ecstatic. The potato was the dish of the day and was only served once (so I did not take the chance to take a snap). It was deep fried, topped with yoghurt and spices. The crispness and sweetness of the potato combined with the yoghurt, tasted very nice and the spices added to the comfort.

The standout was the odd one out – Mr. Pineapple. I have had pineapple starters before in a buffet, but this pineapple kebab was the best by far! It had a jaljeera like taste, slightly burnt on the outside and juicy and sweet on the inside.
Now, since I am a non vegetarian, I was more interested in what was coming – Fish, chicken, prawn kebabs and mutton sheekh kebabs. 

100ft BBQ Lounge Review

The fish was buttery, soft (so soft that it was breaking apart while taking it off the sheekh), Very juicy and the marinade was not very strong. Overall, the taste of the fish, the marinade and the spices were all coming together – the best non veg kebab undoubtedly.

Strong contenders were the prawns. The prawns were burnt and slightly sour on the outside, and sweet inside. Slightly spiced and viola, it tasted blissfully good! The chicken kebabs were of two types, the ones on the grill were boneless and the marinade was very nice. The chicken was very soft and well cooked. The best thing about the chicken was that they were not burnt, but they had a smoky flavour, which gave a good feeling.
The other type of chicken starters was served separately and they were with bone. These were a bit spicy and red in colour. They were good no doubt, but some of the pieces were not properly cooked. The mutton sheekh kebabs were pretty impressive because they were softer than anywhere I have had before and were a bit spicier. Great starters overall, no doubt!
Now, the starters are officially over and I will begin mentioning the main course contents :P. 

Whenever I go for a buffet, I mainly have the starters and the desserts because the main course does not offer anything special. So, the trend was repeated. I had a preparation of mutton called kadai gosht patiyala, fish in black pepper sauce, veg biriyani and a small portion of chicken biriyani as I was already full because of the starters.

The mutton was soft and very well cooked. It was hot, spicy, had a good blend of spices and was very tasty. The fish was ok, nothing so special. The gravy was tasty and had a good balance of pepper, but something was wrong with the fish.

 Both of the varieties of biriyani were average and so nothing special to mention. The other preparations are shown in the pictures but I had no space left inside me to taste, so sorry about that :D.

Now come the desserts, the last and the sweetest :D:

Desserts line up: chocolate mousse pastries, black brownie balls (that’s what I am calling it), carrot halwa, gulab jamun, vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce, sweet raita, fresh cut papaya, pineapples and water melons and lastly another variety of halwa.

The chocolate mousse pastries were simply fantastic—full of chocolate, soft and slippery and bite sized. The fresh cream on top added to the delight. This dessert item was worth having! This one was rank 1, followed by the brownie balls. They tasted exactly like brownies, but were like balls in shape. They were chocolaty, soft and had a good aroma as well. Great stuff indeed. These two combined made my dinner delightfully complete!

The carrot halwa was very tasty as well, the only problem being that it was overly sweet. The gulab jamun’s were soft, warm and delicious just like most other places. Vanilla ice cream with chocolate sauce is something I did not have and there is nothing special to mention about it as well. The fruits were fresh and sweet, good for palate change!

100ft BBQ Lounge Review

 Lastly the sweet raita and the other halwa were pretty good. The raita was good, tasted good but nothing special. The halwa was smooth, had full of cashews and was full of flavour. Lastly its orange colour made me feel good :D.

Ahhh, finally the list is done! Now comes the time for the score:

Food: - 4/5
Variety: - 3.5/5 (Except for starters, the main course and desserts did not have much variety)
Cleanliness: - 4.5/5
Quantity: - Buffet!
Service: - 4.5/5 (The service was taking a bit of time)
Ambiance: -5/5

The place is definitely worth a visit! Great ambiance and Very good food overall!
Hope this review was helpful to my fellow foodies! Do hold on for more! Till then, Bon appétit ;)

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