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Today I went to a restaurant which is quite near to the place I live, with two of my friends. It goes by the name "Thalassery" and it is located in Bangalore, Electronic City, Phase 1 just opposite to Uniworld India. From the name I could decipher that it mostly features Kerala cuisine but after checking out the menu from Zomato, I thought we could give it a shot.

 We were quite hungry and it was almost 3:15 when we entered the restaurant. From the decor, ambiance and the lighting, one would consider the dishes to be quite costly but actually it was not so. The Menu was quite well balanced and the prices were very reasonable to be honest. Service was decent, but the main "turn down" factor would be the flies. Considering the location and the popularity of the restaurant we did not expect such a huge population of flies. Moving on, (since we were pretty hungry then !! :P) we ordered soup first. The order was veg sweet corn soup, french onion soup and chicken lemony pepper soup.We clicked a few pics on the way as well. They are presented to you below. The taste of all the three soups were pretty nice ! and that too the service was fast ! (you know what that means right ! a thumbs up !).

After the soup the expectation rose and we ordered the main course which comprised chicken vindaloo, nandan chicken, fish tikka and of course plain rice. Yet again, the service was delightfully quick and the fish tikka came first. The fish was fresh and the taste of the dish was damn good as well ! but there was a problem which my partner encountered. One of the boneless fish tikka pieces had a bone in it ! We knew that with respect to the price of the item and because it was not a typical high priced fine dining restaurant, we could not do much about it especially for just one bone. It was the second strike which had to be dealt with seriously. There was a fish scale in the same piece !! For this issue, we talked to the steward and made sure he gave us a fresh plate of the same fish tikka. Everything was fine when we agreed (he had to !) and the other dishes arrived one by one. We clicked pictures of all the dishes which are presented one by one.

The chicken dishes were very tasty,especially the vindaloo. Overall the experience was fair. If i were to rate this restaurant, I would consider the following factors :

  • The cost of the restaurant

  • Accordingly, the decor and ambiance

  • Third, the level of service, and courtesy of the stewards and waiters

  • Fourth, if there is anything wrong with the dishes and whether it is human error or a rare occurrence

  • Fifth would be certain uncontrollable factors ex. the flies. (depends upon the management really)

So considering the above factors I would rate a 3.5/5 and cost for a full course meal for two people would be 400. It is definitely more than what my companions would rate, but I always think about all the factors and not just one. Most importantly, the restaurant does not take VAT or service tax, so I feel it can be exempted from very critical comments about the fish scale. If they did take the taxes, they are expected to produce a better and a more refined grade of service!

Hope this review would be helpful to my viewers !

Tune in for more ! Bon Apetit !!

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